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The Intersection of Marketing & Operations for more Quality Leads & Higher Profits

Seminar #2: An action packed, no-nonsense presentation provides an arsenal of strategy options to carry you well into the future. Consistently attract ideal clients while easily managing your job costing, project management and identify cash flow issues before they become a concern.

Contractor Foreman and MyOnlineToolbox Presents a Powerful Action Filled One Hour Free Webinar You Do Not Want to Miss!!

MyOnlineToolbox Along with Contractor Foreman will show how to update your Marketing – with some simple tactics. Your marketing should be an ongoing effort – yet many just fall behind while busy with work. We will provide tips in order to freshen up your appeal to new prospects to end the year. Sometimes the feeling of being overwhelmed stops people from doing something. We will make it easy for you to have a handful of actionable take always. Also learn how Contractor Foreman Construction Software can produce the same type of actionable data to manage your jobs with little to no additional work on your part. Here is your chance to get in control and stay in control From getting More Quality Leads, to ensuring Higher Profits with your new customers, this webinar allows you to appreciate the value of attracting new clients and making more money from the job.

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No longer does there need to be a gap between Marketing and Operations, create the arena for explosive business change. Combine knowledge, processes and the tools you use. Two industry leaders join forces to give you an advantage over your competitors.

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