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March 1, 2023 - Contractor Foreman recognized by CompareCamp as leader in Construction Management Software

March 1, 2023 – Contractor Foreman Receives Construction Management Software Recognition from Leading B2B Review Platform

A pioneering B2B software review platform accorded Contractor Foreman an outstanding industry award, acknowledging its impressive performance in the construction management solution category. 


CompareCamp, one of the authoritative sources for comprehensive B2B SaaS reviews, recently recognized Contractor Foreman as one of the best construction management software this year. Additionally, the review platform presented Contractor Foreman with a Rising Star Award, a recognition usually reserved for business solutions that have earned thriving followers and positive citations on social media.


Software experts from CompareCamp also conducted a thorough Contractor Foreman review and analyzed each of the solution’s salient functions. As a result, the specialists concluded that it delivers cutting-edge features dedicated to customer satisfaction. It also discovered that the Contractor Foreman team is knowledgeable and efficient in providing customers with valuable and practical solutions. 


In their report, expert reviewers praised our software’s comprehensiveness and intuitiveness. Among the features they noted are our project management, people management, and financial tools.


The review mentioned how the project management tool lets you monitor your projects, progress, and business opportunities. The platform enables you to develop a daily log to oversee project records, equipment or material used, material or equipment delivered, people on site, and even weather.


It also allows users to manage and monitor building inspection permit statuses and revisions needed for greater compliance. In addition, it supports service orders and tickets, letting you schedule, map, and dispatch work. 


Besides these, the construction management software includes a people management tool offering a directory where you can view client and employee details, retrieve activity history, and create custom fields. Additionally, it features a leads manager that can quickly identify and manage leads and schedule visits and follow-ups. When it comes to employee management, the software offers staff scheduling, team chat, location, and time tracking capabilities.


Scheduling your crew is effortless with the platform. Employees can view their schedule straight from the application, or you can forward through text a schedule notification that includes all the details they need to know. Moreover, the system lets you conduct safety meetings and produce incident reports.


Furthermore, CompareCamp highlighted the construction management software’s financial tools, which can aid businesses in overseeing their budgets and expenses. It also enables you to monitor change orders, manage procurements and bid requests, and create project estimates. You can also simply generate purchase orders and invoices in the format you want. The software allows in-person or online payments for user convenience. 


In conclusion, our Contractor Foreman team would like to thank CompareCamp for granting us such a prestigious accolade. The privilege of receiving this award from such a well-known organization motivates us to continue delivering world-class construction management solutions to all businesses.


We also want to express our immense gratitude to our loyal users for trusting us with their construction management needs. Rest assured that we will continuously provide superior services and features so you can maximize your experience and satisfaction with our product. We look forward to more successful years of collaboration with you.

February 13, 2023 - 10 Must-Have Construction Management Software Features for Growing Companies

There’s a lot of thought, coordination, and management that goes into construction projects. One small error in recording or management could result in costly issues. Hence, construction management firms and companies need better ways to manage their projects. One of the best ways to do that is to start relying on software to help them manage their project.

The global construction management software market is predicted to reach a value of $23.9 billion by 2031. This growth indicates the demand for these tools among construction professionals and companies. 

So when looking for the best construction management software, what features will you need? Here are the ten must-have features your construction management software should have.

1. Client Management System

The best construction management software will have some sort of client management system in place. A client management system helps you keep lines of communication open and well-organized with your clients. This improves communication, lessens misunderstandings, and boosts client happiness. 

A client management system also helps track crucial customer data such as revisions, requests, expectations, and feedback. It simplifies communication by placing exchanges via email and call in one place, enabling you to concentrate on delivering excellent customer service and high-quality projects.

In some cases, it also helps to have a property management system in place to serve clients who might work on multiple construction projects with you, especially for clients building rental properties. They can use these property management systems to facilitate maintenance after. Check out this list of property management software examples for property owners.

2. Project Management System

Construction companies should also plan to get construction management software that already has project management systems in place. This help ensures they are finished on schedule, on budget, and to the appropriate quality standards. Project management systems offer resources, scheduling, deadline setting, resource allocation, and progress tracking features for projects. 

Having this system lowers the possibility of delays and cost overruns by enabling construction businesses to identify and address problems early on. Using project management software, construction teams may collaborate and communicate more efficiently, increasing team productivity and lowering the possibility of miscommunication.  

There are many famous project management software, such as Monday and Jira. But there are also Monday and Jira alternatives already built into construction management software. That way, your project management system integrates with other features in your construction company’s program.

3. Time Tracking System

To effectively measure time spent by workers and contractors on various activities, a time-tracking system is a crucial tool. By identifying places where they may increase efficiency, construction businesses can lower labor costs and increase profitability. Having a time-tracker in your construction management system will help you with payroll, invoicing, and resource allocation may all benefit from this information. 

Construction firms can also better manage resources, measure progress, and make choices that lead to project success with a time-tracking system incorporated into construction management software. It also eases the workload for human resource managers and project managers by removing manual work in time tracking and payroll computing.

4. Work Order System

The best types of construction management software are also the ones with a work or job order system in place. By automating processes like monitoring supplies and labor and creating invoices, the technology will lessen the administrative load of project managers and construction officers. A work order system simplifies the work request procedure, enabling construction organizations to schedule work, manage personnel, and react to customer requests promptly and effectively.

Companies can also use data from work order management systems to pinpoint problem areas, enhance resource usage, and track project progress. Construction organizations may have a complete tool to manage projects from start to end, lowering the risk of delays and cost overruns, and enhancing customer satisfaction, by incorporating a work order system into construction management software.

5. Bid Management Systems

Most construction companies get their projects from bidding on large contracts from developers, public construction projects, and corporate accounts. With the help of a bid management system, construction businesses can reply to requests for bids more quickly and effectively. The system can also help with proposal creation and management, client communication, and project status monitoring. 

A bid management system helps construction businesses better organize their bids, so they don’t miss out on key details or neglect a potential account. Construction firms can also use this feature to manage all parts of bidding, from proposal preparation to final award, lowering the risk of mistakes and increasing win rates.

6. Vehicle and Equipment Logs

Any construction management software must also have a mechanism for keeping track of vehicles and other equipment. This feature lets you track and organize data on maintenance schedules, use patterns, and repair histories for vehicles and equipment used in building projects. This knowledge is useful for controlling expenses, ensuring the equipment is in excellent operating order, and lowering the possibility of equipment failure. 

Additionally, the technology offers construction organizations real-time information about the availability of cars and equipment, assisting them in resource planning. Construction organizations may have a comprehensive tool to manage resources, cut expenses, and guarantee projects are finished on time and under budget by incorporating a vehicle and equipment records system into construction management software.

7. Permit Manager

Another essential feature to be included in construction management software is a permit management system. The system keeps track of and organizes information on the application and approval procedures, due dates, and expiration dates for permits and regulations necessary for building projects. This data is essential for ensuring that building projects adhere to all applicable municipal, state, and federal standards. 

The permit management system also helps guarantee that projects are finished on time as it avoids any delays caused by lacking permits. It also saves money by avoiding fines and construction delays brought on by permission difficulties. Overall, this system plays a crucial role in lowering the risk of mistakes and increasing project success.

8. Service Tickets System

Another of the most important software for construction features is a service ticket system to track any service issues or requests. This can help with troubleshooting, revision management on blueprints, and more.

Having this system lets construction organizations can also handle requests for upkeep and repairs on tools, cars, and other assets. The service tickets system helps to guarantee that requests are handled quickly and effectively by providing real-time visibility into their progress. 

9. Financial Reporting and Tracking

Construction management apps are also extremely helpful to growing construction companies if they have a financial reporting and tracking feature in place. This system documents real-time information about project expenses and income, assisting them in staying on schedule and within budget. 

Construction organizations can make informed decisions, and enhance financial performance by incorporating a financial reporting and monitoring system into construction management software.

The financial reporting and tracking system can also help construction organizations find areas where they can increase efficiency and profitability without affecting construction integrity and quality. The technology also facilitates compliance with financial reporting standards and offers useful data for tax compliance and mortgage processing.

10. Invoicing

Many times, a delay in payment from a client could be a result of failure on a company’s part to collect in a timely manner. Handling invoices in a structured way helps construction companies ensure that projects move forward without delays. This feature helps by allowing construction finance teams to schedule invoicing times and automate many repetitive tasks, such as data entry and breakdown calculations. 

The invoicing system also helps ensure that invoices are accurate. With this system, construction companies can stay on top of outstanding invoices and manage cash flow effectively. 

Better Construction Workflows for Better Construction Businesses


Service delivery is a crucial part of construction business growth. Having these features can help you improve your construction workflows and improve service delivery significantly. As a result, your business’ reputation will only grow with time, and more projects will come your way. 

June 27, 2022 - Contractor Foreman Named in the Capterra Shortlist Report for Construction CRM Software

Forest City, North Carolina June 27, 2022 – Contractor Foreman announced today that it has been named a top Construction CRM software product by Capterra, a free online service that helps organizations find the right software.

“Visitors to Capterra know that they are seeing genuine reviews by real customers that they can trust. Knowing this allows contractors to make more informed decisions and reduce the time necessary to find a solution that meets their needs.  We will continue to improve the CRM functionality of Contractor Foreman and exceed our customers expectations.” said Steven Gabbard, founder of Contractor Foreman.

Capterra Shortlist is an independent assessment that evaluates user reviews and online search activity to generate a list of market leaders in the Construction CRM space that offer the most popular solutions. The Construction CRM Shortlist report is available at

Contractor Foreman continues to innovate and enhance the product by listening to the feedback from its customers and building the tools necessarily to help them better manage their project data.  From estimates to time cards, and invoices to online payments, contractors of all technical abilities can use the system to satisfy their needs.


Founded in 2017 and located in North Carolina, Contractor Foreman helps construction contractors in more then 75 countries manage all aspects of their projects and business through the use of their easy to use website and app.  Their goal is to provide a system that meets the needs of most contractors at a price that all contractors can afford.  For more information or to start a free trial, go to

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