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Safety Procedure Systems

Safety Procedure Systems is a self-service platform that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to instantly build a custom safety manual and generate other safety materials needed to satisfy compliance requirements for OSHA, ISNetworld, Avetta, Cal/OSHA and more. Safety Procedure Systems lets you choose from an extensive list of more than 300 safety modules to design and instantly download your safety manual, fully customized with the name and logo of your business. Also included is full access to more than 1,000 toolbox talks, safety forms and templates, JSAs, safety meetings, and more! Save $200 on a custom plan with discount code FOREMAN200.


HomeBuddy provides an uninterrupted stream of lucrative prospective clientele actively seeking home improvement solutions within your vicinity. Our service eliminates the uncertainties tied to generating new business, thereby facilitating your expansion endeavors. As these leads seamlessly integrate into the Contractor Foreman system and evolve into tangible projects, you can effectively oversee them through the utilization of Contractor Foreman’s robust and pioneering project management features, coupled with its potent job costing tools. The realm of possibilities becomes boundless when the synergistic potential of HomeBuddy and Contractor Foreman is harnessed.

Enroll with HomeBuddy today to augment the growth trajectory of your contracting enterprise by securing a consistent influx of novel customers. Partake in our offering of exclusive leads and scheduled appointments, conveniently dispatched directly to your operations.

Smart Business Solutions

Smart Business Solutions LLC has been a third party partner with Contractor Foreman since 2021. We have assisted with more than 1000 integrations all over the world. What we offer Contractor Foreman clients is the integration of Contractor Foreman from the accounting perspective. Our main area of expertise is construction accounting and helping companies understand how cost codes and job costing relate to their accounting systems.

We also consult companies about different workflow processes between both systems to avoid double entry issues and unnecessary time loss on productivity. We offer many solutions in training from downloadable free and paid digital courses to in person coaching and consulting services. We also offer monthly accounting support and other integrations that will compliment your current workflow processes. Our main objective is to help companies implement and execute a better system of project management so you can focus on growing your company. Visit us on our website for more information and services.


Simplify your Construction Projects with Collaborative Takeoff and Estimating Software with Built in AI.

See the difference a powerful yet easy to use Takeoff system can mean for your business by way of simplifying and speeding up the Takeoff and Estimating process. No more clunky software slowing you down ands forcing errors. Kreo lets you rise to the top by giving you tools not seen before in the construction industry.

Then pare that with Contractor foreman for an out of this world combination that can literally transform how you do business. Shave thousands of dollars off your overhead costs, estimate more, win more…life is better with Kreo and Contractor Foreman. Get a Demo or sign up or just learn more today


Get your business in order at the same time you harness the power of Contractor Foreman and end up with a system that allows employees to take responsibility and deliver results with consistency. At Hungerford Consulting we are about making awesome construction businesses using systems, processes, and software (with Contractor Foreman front and center). After helping systematize over 60+ contracting businesses we have built a powerful and effective process that helps the Owner stay focused and passionate, get you unbelievably good PM’s and Estimators, make processes that cover every aspect of your business, and we fully integrate Contractor Foreman into your company so that it works to make you money and keep your employee happy! We ultimately turn your business into a system where employees can efficiently and effectively output quality projects with strong profit margins using Contractor Foreman as it was intended!

Marketpath CMS Websites
Professional & Mobile Friendly Websites

Elevate your construction business with Marketpath CMS! Designed especially for contractors, our platform provides professional, mobile-friendly websites that amplify your credibility and boost your local SEO. Seamlessly integrate with Contractor Foreman software now, and look forward to future strategic integrations that will make website updates even simpler. Whether updating content yourself or leaning on our expert design and development team, you’re covered. Launch your online presence in minutes with a pre-built theme at