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This software packs more punch than you would expect at its meager price point. It offers so much in the way of construction management that it is almost unbelievable.

Lindsey-Leigh M. (JWH Construction Services, Inc)Switched from RAKEN

The integration of the whole platform is very good, including externally with Quickbooks Online. Ability to do time sheets in the field without separate software. Cost codes and cost items that can be used for different jobs, this is huge for us. Other fringe abilities, such as sending billing to a different person vs. the customer, and CC'ing multiple folks. The apps are really feature heavy for a construction software, many other competitors, the apps are just terrible vs. the web portal.

Chuck A. (Liercke Construction, LLC)Switched From Co-Construct

The time tracking software for my crew, allows me to keep track off all my guys hours and where they are and what they are doing. This helps on renovations all the way up to high production framing jobs where I can cross reference their productivity on linear foot of wall and sqaure foot of wall completed per hour, etc.

Matthew S. (M. Smith Contracting)Switched from BuilderTREND

Coming from one of the major providers to Contractor Foreman, I expected a lot less than what we have. In fact, I am impressed at how much it offers for the price. I like that it has almost everything in one place from the client portal to schedules, to bugets, and so on.

Shawn B. (Avan Company LLC)Switched from Procore

Customer service is exceptional. I am able to send estimates and change order to customers and request a signature, without having the customer sign in to the system to view and sign.

-Nancy H. (Diamond Rock Concrete Restoration)Switched from BuilderTREND

Contractor Foreman is more intuitively understandable to me and our type of business. They use the same terminology as we do and I feel like everyone that I have spoken with are actually contractors and not just a computer programmer selling their product, but understand how we need to solve our problems.

Brian T (Tower Interiors Group LLC)Switched from BuilderTREND

Specifically purchased this software for a school campus wide project that has many sub projects. Needed the ability to track time, progress, stay up with daily reports and safety logs. Bonus items are everything else the software offers.

Ken S.

We've searched for FIVE years and have used most of the bigger names in the construction industry. Most highly overpriced, and poor customer service. CF has great people, all willing to help and they're even modifying the system monthly based on their customer feedback. What? A company that cares what we think?

Wendy M. (GR8WORK Builders, Inc.)Switched from Co-Construct

This is a comprehensive software, that my company has integrated into everyday use. The aspect I like the most is that it is always improving.

Tom G. (MSG Flooring, Inc.)

Brilliant from the start, support throughout, clear pricing structure. Nothing to catch you out. Friendly and thorough support team. Plus great software that receives regular updates based on user suggestions. Makes you feel like you are being listened to and helping develop the software.

Alec S (Land Design Partnership)

The versatility! Being an electrical contractor that works in both residential and commercial, its difficult to find a platform that works for service, small projects and larger scale projects. Not only is this platform versatile, it also has a flow that works and makes sense. It has consolidated two other platforms we were paying for as well as two in house solutions, saving us 1000's over the next few year. We are already seeing the benefits in project management and accountability as a company not to mention the elimination of redundant data entry and a streamlined system.

Chris C. (Electrical Communications Unlimited)Switched from ServiceFusion

Everything is in one place and the entire team can see the same data at the same time. No more paper estimates, schedules, change orders, time tracking, etc. It is all online.

Vicky V. (Sycon, LLC)

It has a ton of features and really is a complete solution for contractors. The phone app has the same exact functionality as the web version. It also has allowed us to eliminate some other programs we were using on top of our old project management software. Support has been great and is always very responsive.

Brandon H. (Construction Tech LLC)Switched from mHelpDesk

Contractor Foreman saved our company from bouncing through three different BIM packages. After sampling the industry--and hesitant to try again-- we came upon Contractor ForemanF and were adamant to give them a shot...Thank God we did. We now have our company estimating, project management, invoicing, all in order. None of the other companies even come close to Contractor Foreman.

Karl E. (Effectual Construction, LLC)Switched from STACK and HouzzPro

I'm just a one-man-band company that only does a few projects at a time, so I don't have a lot of money dedicated to software. My biggest need is Co's and approval of them in a timely manner, Contractor Foreman is perfect for this!

Rick O. (Hygge Construction)Switched from BuilderTREND

What I like most about this software is the ease in which it can be used. It has all the components that I need to track a project from the beginning of the sales lead through the end of a project. I like that it pulls the information together from one module to the next as needed and that there are options for how the material is presented to the costumer.

Darla C. (TalMac Construction)Switched from BuilderTREND

We work primarily as a subcontractor on larger commercial projects, but also partner with restoration firms and work in residential housing. This software is so overall encompassing it really helps in every aspect of the job and company.

Ashley S. (Matte & Lacquer Painting)Switched from HubSpot CRM

The software offers many features in an easy to use format and for a very affordable price. Every representative is very responsive and helpful. Trainings and support are available in multiple formats.

AnonymousSwitched from RedTeam

We love working with Contractor Forman!! It has helped me get a substantially better understanding of my business and total control of our reporting versus having several different programs.

David M. (Silicon Valley Building Service & Repair)Switched from Housecall Pro

We are a subcontractor that performs concrete work like curbs and sidewalks. We needed a paperless system that would allow our foreman to fill out daily logs and site information, as well as time sheets. We looked at many programs but none of them had the straightforward basic style of form filling that we needed, and if they did, those programs were $400-$1k per month! Contractor Foreman is, essentially, a construction / contractor management software that streamlines daily tasks.

Brent C. (Curbman, Inc)

It allows my whole company to stay connected, makes my life a lot easier because billing is all in one place. Tracks employee hrs, they can create nites amd change orders on the spot.

Joseph R.Switched from QuickBooks Online

The functionality of the software is unmatched at the price point. Tried countless other software programs/apps to only be missing more than 1 piece we needed or the price point was so far out of our budget. Contractor Foreman offers the biggest bang for the buck, has allowed us to cancel other apps and bring everything into 1 application. Project Management, Time Clock, Budgeting, Job Costing...etc. Constant updates and upgrades!

Jim C. (A Fresh Color & Design Ltd.)

I enjoy the easy use of time card tracking and being able to make admin adjustments whenever necessary throughout the day. This app gives you the option of multiple reports to track employee and/or project hours in multiple ways and views which is great for a weekly breakdown on a financial end.

Riley A. (Premier DataCom, Inc.)

These guys are the best! Ready to help and don't mind walking you through the the software. It has ton of features that can be used with great ease. Easy to learn and the customer support is phenomenal.

David S. (Mansfield Electric)Switched from BuilderTREND

I love being able to add daily notes for each project. It helps us keep track of our hours, materials used, and so much more. Being able to attach a picture to the job note is great as well! Customer service is top notch! It's it's only gets better the better I learn how to use it.

Tyrel P.

Contractor Foreman is an all-in-one solution to many of the problems we face on a daily basis as a mid-size General Contractor. The website and mobile app are super user friendly and the support is personalized and amazing. I like that there are so many features included that solved many of the day to day problems we were experiencing as our business continues to grow. Assigning features to users is easy and the continued updates and releases just make the product better every day. After looking at lots of different options, Contractor Foreman is the right fit for us, and definitely is at the right price!

Bill R. (Scott Contracting, LLC)

Very knowledgeable staff and user friendly platform. Ease of use and flexibility to use in Cloud platform.

Devin C. (Cannady Studio)Switched from RedTeam

The software system is very customizable to my needs and offers tracking of many different aspects of a project. From design to punchlist the system allows me to track most everything in one place.

Scott N. (4th Avenue Homes)

Software designed by people that have been in the home remodeling/ general contracting business. The software is flexible/customizable so it can be set up the way you run your business not forcing us to try and make the software fit our business. It's updated monthly with new features being added.

Kevin Z. (Character Improvements)

Great tool and easy to use and manage. Love the time clock feature and accounting by project. I love it. It's my go to tool!

Brian P.Switched from Jobber

This is exactly what I have been waiting for. I see meat and potatoes and not a lot of fluff, which is exactly what I wanted/needed. It provides complete organization. It's that simple.

Jacob D. (Danek Flooring, Inc)Switched from BuilderTREND

By far the best construction and project management software that is cloud based. I have researched and tested a lot of softwares and platforms and Contractor Foreman just simply does the job exactly as you need it to. It covers all the necessary features for a construction company in our field of design and fit-outs for commercial, retail and residential projects. It is easy to use, straight forward and basically makes your company organized and operational from one platform.

Adam M. (Martelly Building & Design Co)

Absolutely love all the features. We used to have 3+ different apps that we constantly had to sync and had problems with. Contractor Foreman consolidated all of that and made it easier for us to track profitability.

David K. (Johnson Deconstruct)Switched from InvoiceASAP

I am a small business owner that runs a electrical contracting company. We have grown and currently use several different platforms to manage our operations. We looked into Contractor Foreman and saw we can have all in one. The price for unlimited was lower than what I spend for all my other platforms.

Ian M. (IGM Commercial Fire and Electrical Systems)Switched from T-Sheets

I like that this software is able to accurately track our service tickets and clued GPS information per service team. Each service ticket has all the necessary information we need to give to the customer to adequately price and invoice each service.

Patrick C. (Moser Roofing Solutions, LLC)

We are using this program to bridge the gap in communications between our techs in the field and office personnel. The number of features available in this software is probably more than we will ever use but is well worth the price and is much more affordable than other programs that offer less.

Taylor S. (Planet Connections & Electrical, LLC)

We used another high-cost cloud-based software prior to this and while the functionality is a little different, Contractor Foreman covers all the essential needs at a fraction of the cost. It's been pretty simple to get up and running with Contractor Foreman. We have been very happy thus far with the overall experience.

Amy G. (Apex Modular Group)Switched from Procore

Amazing software for construction companies. I got it mostly for the scheduling but now use it for estimates, invoices, change orders, punch lists, and pretty much every other aspect of project management. This software is so inexpensive that I would never have believed that it could do so much. I can use it from all of my devices. It is a great scheduling and project management software. it is also great for the financial side of the business such as estimates, invoices, change orders, work orders, etc.

Jordan S. (Savage Premier Builders)

I really like the ease of use of the software. its set up in a simple way that's very easy to pick up. While at the same time has all the features that I need.

Cameron S. (Com-Res Contracting)Switched from Co-Construct

When it came time for our company to get a new customer database software I looked into many different companies. I even signed up with a different company before coming across Contractor Foreman however after I learned more about Contractor Foreman I knew it was the right system for us. The customer service has always been wonderful! The employees are always willing to help me out and make sure I fully understand all of the bells and whistles Contractor Foreman offers.

Jamielynn F. (ECR Utah)

I have been in the software business for 20 years and I don't know that there is a piece of software I've picked up and been able to navigate as easily and intuitively as Contractor Foreman and one that has - it appears - everything we need. I'm impressed!

Lorna J. (Arcturus Upgrades)

I really like how well laid out the software is, and how easy it is to get help when needed. The ability for multiple people to upload pictures to projects saves a lot of time shuffling pictures around. I like the ability to put a client portal on our website- Estimating & project management are great, it keeps all the information tidy.

Jennifer S. (Fix In A Jiffy LLC)

This is my first attempt in using any type of app or software to organize my business. After checking out its features and ease of use I can see it helping to scale my business and cut costs.

Ed E. (RLE Property Management)

This product has helped me schdule work. Increased my planning of future work. Been a great helped with subcontractors and employees. App has been easy for everyone to figure out.

Charles B. (Bradenbaugh Enterprises Inc.)

The ability to, in one place, track jobs from estimating, to project progress, billing, and employee management all in one place that also integrates with QuickBooks. They are quick to respond with any questions or issues with the software and works efficiently to resolve.

Anthony W. (Authority Refrigeration, LLC)

My company is growing and we needed a management app to do more than our current one. We found Contractor Foreman and gave it a shot. The support team has been awesome training us all the features within the app. This app has everything you need to run your projects, no need to have multiple apps anymore. I highly recommend giving Contractor foreman a try for any business small to big.

Brian M. (Morrell Electric)

My company is growing and we needed a management app to do more than our current one. We found Contractor Foreman and gave it a shot. The support team has been awesome training us all the features within the app. This app has everything you need to run your projects, no need to have multiple apps anymore. I highly recommend giving Contractor foreman a try for any business small to big.

Brian M. (Morrell Electric)

Everything about this software is over all great! However, the thing that I believe makes them excel is the great customer service I have received. 5 stars all around.

Daniel O. (The Orozco Group)

This software has everything you need to stay organized and on top of your projects for considerably less money then the competition. The support has been amazing so far and helped get me started and continues to be there if needed. I have nothing to say that is negative about contractor foreman.

Kevin R. (All Detainment Solutions)

I like everything about this app. I am the owner of a company and my safety manager came to me and said he loved the safety meeting topics in this application. It is easy to use. No problems so far. Without Contractor Foreman, we would still struggle with everything.

Landon M. (L&J Construction)

It is easy for service technicians to take photos and upload them with a description of the work performed. It is also a good system for tracking timecards for employees.

Justin L. (Danek Flooring Inc)

ContractorForeman makes my day so much easier! The program is easy and quick to use. If I do have a question, customer service is always very helpful!

James M. (Nickel City Remodeling)

It's a powerful and versitile project management platform that makes it easy to share files: Project contacts, schedules, safety plans, daily reports, progress photos, RFIs, submittals, etc. The customer support is outstanding. The guys at Contractor Foreman are fully committed to making thier system the best.

David V. (North Star Design-Build LLC)

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