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Stop guessing and start knowing who is doing what and when.

Keep all of your contacts in one place. Call or email your customers or contractors directly from the app.

“The time tracking software for my crew, allows me to keep track off all my guys hours and where they are and what they are doing. This helps on renovations all the way up to high production framing jobs where I can cross reference their productivity on linear foot of wall and sqaure foot of wall completed per hour, etc.”

Matthew S. (M. Smith Contracting)Switched from BuilderTREND


All your contacts neatly organized by contact type

Other systems dump all of your contacts into a Directory and call it a day. We allow you to break out your contacts by type and offer you the fields you need to track. From billing history to certificates, it’s all there.

Contact Activity History

Contractor Database

Time Off Request

Custom Fields

Supplier Management

Employee Management

Customer Management (CRM)

Misc. Contact Management

Sub-contractor Management

Certification Training Tracking

Insurance Tracking and Automatic Notification

License Tracking and Automatic Notification

Team Chat

Get the word out on important matters

Sending text is fast and easy – but it doesn’t create a great paper trail. Lose your phone and there goes your conversation. Team chat allows you and your team to communicate in real-time without the delays you experience with emails.

Project Chat

Real-time Messaging

Group Chat

@ Mentions

Direct Chat

Client Chat

Leads Manager

Lead tracking and stats build better marketing

Manage your leads and ensure that they are getting the attention they need to become a customer. Our lead tracking stats break down the leads by month, source and stage. Schedule follow-ups and visits with ease.

Lead Capture Form

New Leads Alerts

Unlimited Leads and Opportunites

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters

Time Cards

Four different types of time cards to let you capture time how you want

Tracking time shouldn’t be expensive or complicated for you or your employees. So we fixed that. No more timecards left on the dashboard. Period. Pause, Resume, Change projects, or Cost Codes. Got Crews? We’ve got ya covered with our crew card and crew sheets. Think of the ease of paper but with tracking. Know where your employees are and where they really were when they clocked out with GPS details. Half a box of bananas and you can train a monkey to do it.

Crew Time Cards

Overtime Tracking

Automatic Breaks

Start of Work Week

Who’s Clocked In

Weekly Time Sheet

Work Hour Tracking

GPS Location History

Clock in/Out Reminders

Clock Into Service Tickets

Project Based Cost Codes

Time & Financial Tracking

Daily Log Reminders at Clock Out

Running Time Card Notification

Supervisor Approval & Verification

Injury Reporting at Clockout

Location Based Geofencing

Real-Time GPS Location

Crew Scheduling

Set up and manage/schedule your crews

Scheduling your employees should be painless. Our drag and drop crew scheduling tool makes it very easy for you to assign projects to your employees or crews. Your crew can easily see their schedule from the app. No more text at 9PM asking “where do you want me at tomorrow”. Let the schedule show them or send them a schedule notification text so that they have the full details – even when they are not in the app.

Crews and Team Management

Drag and Drop Schedule Building

Email and Text Schedule Reminders

Shift and Individual Scheduling


It’s more than a calendar – it’s a lifesaver

Calendars with amazing filters lets you easily see what’s going on, many views, many filters keeps you up to speed and informed. Your sales rep, estimators, and bookkeepers all have different needs – let them also have different calendar views. Sync with Google or Outlook.

Request Time Off

Quick Task Creator

Personalize Task View

Sales and Production Calendar

Employee, Day, Week, Month, Project View

Private and Shared Calendars


Documentation to keep you covered

They happen, incidents of all kinds. Automatically get notified when an incident happens Now you can track and respond quickly and accordingly. See patterns and make corrections so that it doesn’t happen again.

Employee Write Up’s

Injury Reporting

Near Misses

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters

OSHA 300 Logs & Record Keeping

Safety Meetings

Over 800 safety toolbox topics built into the system

Safety first! And we help you achieve that goal. Load your own topics or use ours (English + Spanish) Track attendees and photo capability give you the tools you need to help you stay compliant. Discussion questions help ensure that they understand what you are preaching.

Toolbox Talks

Custom Safety Topics

Safety Review Questions

English and Spanish

Custom Fields

Group & Individual Meetings

Schedule Future Meetings

HR Test Form


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