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Full on Job costing. Numbers matter! We give you fast access to the numbers you need… when you need it.

High level view on Financial Dashboard then drill down to the data you need. Restrict who can see and/or edit each item.

“The integration of the whole platform is very good, including externally with Quickbooks Online. Ability to do time sheets in the field without separate software. Cost codes and cost items that can be used for different jobs, this is huge for us. Other fringe abilities, such as sending billing to a different person vs. the customer, and CC'ing multiple folks. The apps are really feature heavy for a construction software, many other competitors, the apps are just terrible vs. the web portal.”

Chuck A. (Liercke Construction, LLC)Switched From Co-Construct


Fast, streamlined, with electronic approval and signatures

OK, maybe you won’t estimate a high rise building or 250 miles of 6 lane highway, but for the rest of it we’ve got you covered. Bulk and individual markups give you full control over your estimates and help ensure profitability. Use the cost items database to store material items and prices.

Cover Sheets

Client Financing

Estimating Templates


Professional Proposals

Bulk Markup

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters

Estimate Opened Email Notifications

Online Approval

Bid Management

See all ITB’s in one spot

With the wrong system, managing bids can be a task on its own.  We make it easy to see all of your bids in one place side-by-side.  Easily create bid packages, send invites to bid, and award bids.  Your vendors can easily indicate their intent to submit a bid.  Once you’ve got your winning bid, instantly generate all your Purchase Orders or Sub-Contracts.  All with the click of a button.

Bid Request

Bid Response Tracking


Online Bidding

Change Orders

Automatically updates status

Change Orders and the tracking of them can be the bane of your existence. Automatically updates the contract amount. Our industry standard form makes it easy to get the CO created, submitted, and approved. Our job costing reports and project financials track the original budget and the revised budget factoring in CO’s.

Change Order Request

Lump Sum & Itemized Change Orders

Easy to Use

Custom Fields

Kanban  Views and Filters

Online Approval


Keep on track with your accounts receivable

Work is hard, getting paid shouldn’t be harder! Our invoicing module is quick and easy to use, sending your invoices in the way you want!

Retainage & Retention Held

Get Paid Online

AIA Style Invoicing (G702 & G703)

Progress Invoicing

Kanban  Views and Filters

Time & Material Invoicing

Tax Rates

Custom Fields

Local Currency

Assign AST & GST Taxes

Purchase Orders

Track vendor/supplier costs with our Purchase Orders

Control purchases and better track your expenses using Purchase Orders within Contractor Foreman. Did you just get a Bill for the PO? Generate a Bill against the PO in a single click? Did you vendor only deliver or bill you for some of the items? Easily track Billed quantity and Delivered quantity so that you and your team are always on the same page.

Generate Bill from Purchase Order

Pricing Request

Delivered Quantity

Billed Quantity

Kanban  Views and Filters

Custom Fields


Included terms, conditions, scope of work etc

Contracts are a necessity in today’s work place. Contractor Foreman makes it easy for you to create Subcontracts; do it right from the Bid Manager once you’ve awarded a Bid. Merge in contract details using the document writer and up your game even more.

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters

Eliminate Double Entry

Import Existing Items

Single Click Bill Creation

Subcontract Retainage

Bills and Expenses

Easily manage your expenditures

Effortlessly track the bills you receive to ensure that they are correctly counted in your projects bottom line. For even greater tracking, associate the Bill to a PO so that you can cross reference all Bills against a single PO – great for times when the full order cannot be delivered at once.

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters

Import from PO’s and Subcontracts

No More QuickBooks Double Entry

Progress Billing

Online Payments

Collect payments online or in person

Speed and convenience make it easier for your customers to pay their invoice online and that means money in your account even sooner. With credit card rates at 2.9% and ACH rates of just 1%, our integration with WePay is a winning solution.

Payment Method Preferences

Breakup Payments

Lowest Transaction Rates

In-Person Payments

Payments Over the Phone

Sync to QuickBooks

Real-time Costs Database

Estimating has never been so fast

The sooner you can create an estimate and get it to your client, the more likely you are to win a bid. Time matters and our integration with means that you always have the latest material and labor prices at your fingertips to pull into your Estimate, Change Orders, Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Bills, Invoice, or Schedule of Values.

Prefer to build your own list of items or want to import one you already use? You can do that as well within the Cost Items Database. This is great for storing commonly used items; Material, Labor, Equipment, Sub-Contractor, and Other items for future use. Link your items to a vendor, add the SKU and a photo. Store your internal notes and pre-written item descriptions. You can also apply a hidden markup to make sure you always make a profit (even when you estimators don’t add enough margin on their own). Enter it once and done.

Equipment Items

Material Pricing

Hidden Markups

Pricing Database

Import Cost Lists

Local & Online Suppliers

HR Test Form


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