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Case Study: DAX Construction

Case Study

From Frustration to Satisfaction: How Contractor Foreman Helped DAX Construction Streamline Operations and Impress Clients

DAX Construction, established in 2023, is a residential and light commercial specialist, catering to repairs, remodels, and project management needs. Owner Mike Farleu, boasting over 20 years of experience, leads the company, often collaborating with a trusted network of subcontractors for larger projects. DAX Construction emphasizes its ability to handle various project sizes, catering to both small repairs and larger residential and commercial endeavours.


Fayetteville, Arkansas Region

Year of Incorporation



Mike Farleu

Construction Subcategory

Residential Remodeler
General Contractor (GC) for small commercial projects

The company provides the following Services: Residential Repairs and Remodels, Kitchen and bathroom renovations, Interior and exterior repairs, Flooring and painting, Additions and decks, Handyman services, and Light Commercial Projects: Office renovations, Retail space updates, Property maintenance

The Challenge

Before integrating Contractor Foreman, DAX Construction faced the common industry hurdle of finding a software solution that was both comprehensive and customizable. The need for a system that could adapt to the diverse scale of projects, from minor repairs to significant commercial ventures, was paramount.

The existing solutions were either too cumbersome or lacked the necessary flexibility, leading to inefficiencies and a reliance on workarounds.

“I’ve been in the construction industry for a long time, and I’ve used various project management software options, however, they all seemed overly complex or lacked the necessary features for my diverse projects.”

Mike further emphasized the limitations of past solutions, mentioning their cumbersome interfaces as the software felt clunky and difficult to navigate, hindering his workflow. According to him, they weren’t adaptable enough to handle both small repairs and larger commercial projects.

These solutions also lacked mobile capabilities as without mobile access, managing projects in the field was inefficient.

Solution Identification

Seeking a user-friendly and adaptable solution, Mike embarked on an online search, ultimately discovering Contractor Foreman.  Its ease of use, coupled with extensive customization options, provided the perfect solution for DAX Construction’s varied project needs.

The software’s mobile app became a game-changer, enabling Mike to manage projects directly from the field, encompassing time tracking, invoice generation, and client communications.

“The intuitive interface and comprehensive features immediately grabbed my attention, the fact that it offered a mobile app was a game-changer for me, allowing me to manage projects on the go.”

Implementation and Usage

Thanks to the software’s user-friendly design, Mike seamlessly implemented Contractor Foreman without requiring additional training.

As the sole user, he leverages its functionalities to:

  • Track time: Whether in the field or at the office, Contractor Foreman helps him keep accurate track of his time.
  • Generate estimates and invoices:  For him, creating professional estimates and invoices is a breeze with Contractor Foreman. It saves him a significant amount of time and effort.
  • Track expenses and manage finances:  Contractor Foreman helps him stay organized with his finances by allowing him to track expenses and gain valuable financial insights.
  • Store documents: Keeping all project documents organized and readily accessible in one central location is incredibly helpful for him.

Impact and Results

Beyond streamlining his operations, Contractor Foreman empowered Mike to deliver exceptional customer service:

  • Enhanced responsiveness: One of the biggest benefits was the ability to modify estimates and proposals directly through the mobile app. This allowed Mike to respond to client requests promptly, exceeding their expectations.
  • Improved client satisfaction: A public works client, upon experiencing Mike’s swift and professional responses to project changes facilitated by Contractor Foreman, remarked, “I’m truly impressed by your responsiveness and efficiency. It makes a big difference in our working relationship.”


DAX Construction exemplifies how Contractor Foreman empowers individuals and small businesses to thrive in the construction industry. By offering a user-friendly and adaptable platform, Contractor Foreman equips users with the tools they need to streamline operations, enhance workflow, and exceed client expectations.

The adoption of Contractor Foreman has significantly streamlined DAX Construction’s operations. The ability to rapidly respond to client requests, coupled with the software’s comprehensive project management features, has not only boosted efficiency but also client satisfaction.

This goes on to show that the right technological tools can transform small-scale operations into models of efficiency and success in the modern construction landscape.

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