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Project Management

Managing your projects should not be a task. We make the process simple and fast for experts and novices alike.

Gantt (CPM) Scheduling & Daily Logs to name just a few power packed features. We track and tie together Permits and Inspections

“This software packs more punch than you would expect at its meager price point. It offers so much in the way of construction management that it is almost unbelievable.”

Lindsey-Leigh M. (JWH Construction Services, Inc)Switched from RAKEN


Manage your projects – do not let them manage you

Other companies make big bucks by charging you for each Project. Not Contractor Foreman. 1 project or 1000, we are still the most affordable option. See all of your project details and finances all in one place. Are you on track or running behind? Is trim work taking more time than expected? Job costing reports help you keep your projects on track.

Real-Time Collaboration

Project Tracking


Job Costing

Schedule of Values

Field Collaboration

Financial Tracking

Project-Based Permissions

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters

Client Portal


Who are you getting work from and who’s shopping your bid.

Some systems give you a few fields for basic details. We realize that Opportunities can carry with them a lot of notes, photos, RFI’s, and many other documents. Even though it isn’t a “Project” yet, that doesn’t mean that we can give it the same treatment as we would with a project. Set up Opportunities for your bids to track results. Turn it into an estimate or project with a single click.

Critical Date Tracking

Job Distinction

Opportunities by Project Type

Custom Fields

Kanban Views & Filters

Daily Logs

Rich job details keeps everyone informed

Who did what when and why? We’ve got you covered. Full Daily Logs keep you safe and up to date. Weather, visitors, safety, productivity, materials used and more are all are covered in your Daily Logs.

Complete Project Records

Subs & People on Jobsite

Weather Tracking

Material and Equipment Used

Material and Equipment Delivered

Custom Fields


Finally – An easy to use Gantt chart project scheduler

Yea, we all know time is money. But spending hundreds of dollars per year for CPM Gantt charts is a thing of the past. Take your project schedules with you and share them with your team – wherever you go.

Non-working Days

Baseline Tracking

Gantt Charts

Percent Complete Tracking

Critical Path Method

MS Project Integration

Tasks Notices

Month and List Views

Project Schedule Templates

Work Orders

Perfect for small projects

Giving you the flexibility you need to work smart. Built with the flexibility to work for you not against you. Clients, Employees, Owners, they all love our work orders.

Electronic Approvals and Signatures

Complete with Start and end Dates

Invoice Straight from the Work Order

Assign Who’s Responsible

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters


Ties your Building Inspection to the Permits or use for Internal QC

Go ahead, inspect it. Stay ahead of the game with Inspection statuses, revisions needed. Inspections and Permits are tied together to create a seamless package. If a re-inspection is needed simply click copy and you have a new Inspection record.

Inspection Tracking

Inspection Details


Inspection Document Tracking

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters


Save time and close out jobs faster with our Punchlist Module

Ahhhh, the beauty of a well designed punch list is just moments away for you and your team. Email responsible parties, track outstanding items, add and share marked up photos. This is going to shave hours off your day.

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters

Permit Manager

Logs and tracks permit status, cost etc.

Track your inspections against your permits for proper paper trail. Tracks costs as well as pull by dates and other pertinent dates.

Custom Fields

Service Tickets

Service Work or Warranty Work

Service dispatch done, Client history done, Service Ticket time tracking done. What you have been needing to manage Service work… Done!!

Dispatch and Mapping

Service Reminders

Service Ticket Check In/Out

In-App Signatures

Next Appointment Scheduling

Work and Service History

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters

Client Portal

Keep your clients informed – every step of the way

Construction projects are exciting and clients want to know what’s going on. Keep them updated automatically without the need to manually send emails or text messages multiple times a day.  As the project manager, you decide which types of items and details are shared.  Your clients can login and approve an estimate, generate a change order, respond to RFI’s or Submittals, and pay their invoice.

Pay Online

Multi-Project Login

Project Schedule

Financial Summary



Daily Logs

Customize Clients Access

File Viewing & Upload

Photo Gallery

RFI & Submittals

Client Chat

Easy File Sharing

Action Items for Prompt Attention

Electronic Approvals and Signatures

Estimate, Electronic CO Approvals, and CO Request


Keep the ball rolling

To Do’s are a great way to let your team members and clients know what is required from them. They can easily check the item once the task has been completed.

Task Management

Custom Fields

Kanban Views and Filters

Manage from Phone

Notifications of Completed Tasks