In Contractor Foreman, you have the option of turning on or turning off GPS Tracking (See Settings). If turned on, GPS tracking only logs the current location of where an employee clocked in at and clocked out at. It does not track all movement throughout the day. GPS tracking does not work on the Web Panel (Desktop version.) In addition, phone must have GPS turned on for GPS to work in Contractor Foreman.

NOTE: GPS tracking is only as reliable as the hardware being used. Older devices or devices used underground or in large buildings often have difficulties obtaining GPS signals.  This is due to the device being used and not the app.

Adding Timecards:

Click Timecard in main menu, then click “New Employee Timecard” at top of list view.

Date field will automatically fill in and the time field will auto populate once “Start” is clicked. Employee field will automatically fill in based on login information.

Select Project from Drop down list, then select Cost Code from drop down list (if they are being utilized). Then click the “Start” button. The timecard has now begun counting hours.

When a break is taken click “Break” and when off break click “Resume.”

If an employee changes the work they are performing or changes projects, simply click the Cost Code field and select new Code or the Project field and select new Project. Contractor Foreman will automatically switch cost codes and projects while tracking hours.

There is a note filed to add any notes pertinent to that timecard.

At the end of day, simply click “Stop” and Contractor Foreman will automatically calculate hours based on projects and cost codes. Contractor Foreman will automatically ask if there was an injury that day. Your employee must select yes or no to continue clocking out.

In the Web Panel, Contractor Foreman will show map thumbnails of clock in and clock out locations. In the app, click the location pin beside the Clock In and Clock Out field to see the GPS location.

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