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Edit a Form

To Edit or modify a Form or Checklist in Contractor Foreman go to main menu and click “Forms and Checklists.” Next, Click the blue button in center pane for “All Forms and Checklists.”

Go to the form you want to modify and click the green “Eyeball” icon, this will open that form.

Click the blue button for “Edit Current Form.” Here you can edit a current field or add a new field.

Editing a Current Field: Hover mouse over the field you wish to modify. In the far right corner of that field you will see 3 icons. Click the “Pencil” icon. Now you can modify labels, layout, headers and more. At the bottom of Edit field you can add option for selections.

The other options in the Upper right corner of the field are, Copy, creates a copy of this field directly below the one you are working in and delete will permanently delete the field.

Adding a New Field: In the form screen, upper right-hand corner, select which section you wish to add to the form and click and drag it into the correct position on form. Depending on how long the form is you may have to drag to bottom of screen, place it scroll up then re drag it down into place. You can then edit the form section by following the steps above.

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Forms and Checklists Overview

Contractor Foreman comes Pre-loaded with many Forms and Checklists that are ready to use. In Addition, you can revise existing forms to better suit your needs as well as create your own forms. Be sure to review the list thoroughly to become familiar with what is available. There are three main parts to Forms and Checklists. My Forms, Company Forms, and All Forms and Checklist Library.

  • My Forms: These are forms the User has selected and modified for their use. My Forms is unique to each user.
  • Company Forms: These are forms that are available to everybody in the company to use.
  • All Forms and Checklist Library: These are Forms and Checklists Contractor Foreman has provided and are ready to be modified to fit your companies needs.
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