Safety Meetings

Safety Topics and Toolbox Talks:

Safety Topics are very important in helping you stay current with many OSHA requirements. Contractor Foreman allows you to select topics pertinent to your trade as well as select more general topics.

Safety topics are used in the Safety Meeting portion of the main menu in Contractor Foreman. See below for using the Safety Meeting Feature.

Safety Topic Message: Use this to select either English or Spanish languages for the Safety Topics we provide.

Safety Topic Categories: Here you can use the drop down to select the topics that are most pertinent to your firm. Placing a check in the check box makes that Category available.

You can also use the ‘Show Me All Topics’ slider to have access to all topics regardless of trade. Example: “if the slider is off. you will only see the topics assigned to the trade you select.  If the slider is on, you will see every topic (even those that are not assigned to a trade).  This gives you access to topics that may not directly relate to your trade as a whole but may based on your state or region or work conditions.


Adding Safety Meetings:  

Go to Safety Meetings in main menu. Select blue button in center pane “Start New Safety Meeting.” Select the Drop down titled “Project.” We provide choices other than projects such as Office and Warehouse. Set the date and time of meeting then select the meeting leader. Next Select the topic, this list will populate based on your selection in Settings. Contractor Foreman will then populate the field for “Topic Text.” Next select “Attendees” from the drop down in upper right hand corner of screen. You also have the option of uploading an image to the Safety Meeting. This can be a picture of attendees or a picture of a sign in sheet.

Click submit and the meeting will be saved.

To Edit the record, click the green pencil icon in the upper right corner of screen.

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