How do I add an employee?

Employees, like other contacts, can be added multiple ways.  You can add them manually or import them.

To Add an Employee, go to the Menu > Directory > Add New… > Select Employee.

To Import a list of Employees, go to Menu > Directory. On the right side you will see a column that represents each contact type.  In the dropdown is an import template that can be used to import the data into the system.  Use the same dropdown to import the data.  If the import turns out to have mistakes or you want to remove it, click on the Previous Import option to remove it. More about importing contacts can be found here:

  • You can also add an image for the employee to help you put a face to the name, you can do so by clicking on “Add an Image”
  • Training & Certifications can be uploaded & attached to the employees Profile by clicking on “Add an Attachment”
  • The new popup allows you to click “Add Files” to select the files from your computer or you can drag and drop them into the popup.  Once you do so, click Upload All files. Depending on the file size, it could take several minutes for the files to transfer.  Once finished, you are taken back to the details screen.  Click Submit to Save the files.
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