Creating a Custom Form

Creating a custom form or checklist is a great way to collect data.  Getting started is easy and with the tips below, you’ll be creating your own forms in a matter of minutes.

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  • Checkbox Group: A Checkbox group is to be used when you want the user to have more than 1 selection.  Such as; which tools were used today.
  • Date Field: This is great if you need to collect dates of when items were inspected. 
  • Header: Great for dividing your form into sections.
  • Paragraph: Paragraph is used when you want to display text on the form that you do DOT want someone to be able to edit.  This could be an introduction at the top or notes throughout the form.
  • Number: The number field allows you to collect a value such as the number of hours it took to complete a task.
  • Radio Group: A Radio group is a selection of options where you want the employee to have only one option; such as “Did the inspection Pass or Fail”
  • Select Field: The Select field is a drop down selection of multiple options.  The great thing about this field is that it consumes less space on the screen and it allows you to specify if the user can select multiple options of just one.  However, it does not work as well with phones so consider another option.
  • Text: The Text field is used for open-ended responses such as entering an equipment ID number.
  • Text Area: Unlike the text area which is a single row and small field, text area is multiple lines and is often used to collect comments or notes. 
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