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The integration with Zapier makes it easy for you to send data from Contractor Foreman to other systems (such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Zoho, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more).  Although this process is fairly easy, we are unable to provide support for any settings or configuration outside of our system. Zapier will be able to assist with those questions.

Getting Started: If you do not already have an account, you will need to create a free Zapier account at https://zapier.com/sign-up

  1. From your Contractor Foreman account, go to Menu > Settings > Integration > Zapier
  2. From there, click on the Integration URL
  3. Shortly after you’ll be asked to copy the API key displayed on the screen.
  4. Click on the Zapier App link given there
  5. Accept Invitation
  6. Go to Zapier.com and login (or create a free account if you do not have one)
  7. Click on New Zaps (on the left) and then click Create Zap (on the right)
  8. In the Trigger box, search for and select Contractor Foreman.
  9. Select “Lead” from the Trigger Event list.
  10. Click Continue
  11. Click “Sign in to Contractor Foreman”
  12. Paste the API Key copied earlier into the popup.
  13. Click “Test Trigger”
  14. If you see, sample Lead details – You’re almost done.
  15. Now continue and select Action.
  16. Search “MailChimp”
  17. Selection Action (Create New Lead or Update)
  18. Sign into MailChimp
  19. Map the fields


The step below are the same as the ones above but with visual references.

Step 7


Step 8


Step 10


Step 11


Step 12



Step 13



Step 15


Step 16


Step 17



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Employees, like other contacts, can be added multiple ways.  You can add them manually or import them.

To Add an Employee, go to the Menu > Directory > Add New… > Select Employee.

To Import a list of Employees, go to Menu > Directory. On the right side you will see a column that represents each contact type.  In the dropdown is an import template that can be used to import the data into the system.  Use the same dropdown to import the data.  If the import turns out to have mistakes or you want to remove it, click on the Previous Import option to remove it. More about importing contacts can be found here: https://contractorforeman.com/knowledge-base/importing-contacts/

  • You can also add an image for the employee to help you put a face to the name, you can do so by clicking on “Add an Image”
  • Training & Certifications can be uploaded & attached to the employees Profile by clicking on “Add an Attachment”
  • The new popup allows you to click “Add Files” to select the files from your computer or you can drag and drop them into the popup.  Once you do so, click Upload All files. Depending on the file size, it could take several minutes for the files to transfer.  Once finished, you are taken back to the details screen.  Click Submit to Save the files.
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Roles provide a great way for you to restrict what someone can see and edit within their account.  Unlike Assigned Project and Default Project, this applies to the individual module.  It’s a great way to ensure that someone isn’t viewing data they should not have access to or showing too many menu options that may confuse certain employees.

The Roles can be configured and created within Menu > Company Settings > Roles.


You have three options:

  1. Edit an existing Role that we provide.
  2. Create a new Role from scratch.
  3. Copy an existing Role so that minor tweaks can be made to the copied Role.


We have a great video here regarding Roles: https://vimeo.com/326601718


Once you are creating or editing a Role, you will see a list at the top right that indicates what each option provides one selected.  As an example… if you do not want your User (who may be a laborer) to see or have anything to do with Invoices, set their role to No Access.  Also, if you have an employee who is only using the Time Card feature, setting the other modules to No Access hides them from the menu so that the User doesn’t act confused by the many options on the menu.  If you want them to be able to only see their Time Cards, set it to “Full Access – Own Data”.  Whereas with a supervisor, you may want to set theirs to “Full Access – All Data” so that they can see the cards created for everyone.  Or, if you want them to see the data but not be able to make changes to it, you can set it to “Read Only”.


  • No Access (User does not see any data including the Menu/field item.)
  • Full Access – All Data (User can see and edit all records created by them and other Users.)
  • Full Access – Own Data (User can see and edit all records created only by them.)
  • Read Only (User can see all records created by them and others but cannot edit records.)


Once you have revised/created the Roles, be sure to apply the correct Users to the Roles.  You can do this within the Menu > Directory > Select Record > Role.  If the user is already logged in, they will need to logout and sign in again for the changes to take effect.

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Assigned Projects and Default Projects are great tools that help you limit the amount of data you and your employees see by only showing you the data that you need/want to see.

NOTE: You should NOT Assign a project or Default Project to you or anyone else who should see ANY data that pertains to other records or if you are frequently moving from one project to another.

Default Project

The Default Project is (shown below) is set in the menu bar.  Once set, you are telling the system to only show you data that pertains to that project.  If you are working the same project for a long period of time, this is a great way to ensure that you are only seeing data for that project. 

To assign a Default Project, click on the down arrow and select a project from the list.
To remove the Default Project selection, click on the down arrow and select the currently selected project to unselect it.


Assigned Project(s)

An Assigned Project is a project that your user should be able to see within their account.  Often times projects are assigned to supervisors and this allows you to ensure that your supervisor only sees the data that pertains to those projects.  It also helps ensure that your sub-contractors only see data for projects they are part of.  As an Admin, you should not assign yourself to a project.  Too often this is done and then an item such as an Estimate is created and saved and then it appears to vanish.  This happens because the Estimate is part of a project that you are not allowed to see/access.  The data is there, but your current settings do not allow you to see it.

To add an Assigned Project, go to the Menu > Directory > Users record.  Click Edit and then click on Assigned Projects.  Click on the project(s) that you want the user to see within Contractor Foreman.  Then Save.
To remove an Assigned Project selection, go back to the users Directory record and edit it.  Click the Assigned Projects button and then click the projects to unselect them.

NOTE: If you want to see ALL projects, do not select any project in the list.

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Archiving Items is a handy way to keep your data out of the way, yet have access to when it’s needed. To Un-Archive an Item, please follow the below steps:

  • Menu > Select Module > Click the Filter icon (to the right of the search field) > Change Status to Archived > Select Filter to Apply Changes > Select the Item within the list that you want to make Active.  Once done, click on the > Action Button > Change Status to Active.
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Exporting your customers and vendors from QuickBooks Online is not as straightforward as you would expect.  Follow the steps below or use the video to see step-by-step how to export your contacts.  Once finished, copy the data to the Contractor Foreman import template.

Need a hand?  We can help.  Send us your exported file and as long as you have the correct columns setup, we will take care of the rest for you.


Steps: Reports > Search for Report (Customer Contact List) > Click Customize (upper right) > Rows & Columns > Change Columns > Select columns to show > Run Report > Export to Excel.



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How do I get help if I need it or report a bug?

If you find a bug please use the “Make a Suggestion” menu item. It is towards the bottom of the main drop down menu in the App and it is in the main menu (towards the bottom) in the Web Panel.

You can use the chat window at the bottom right corner of screen on the Web Panel.

You can email us at support@contractorforeman.com.

You can also use this Help Topics and FAQ’s, select a topic or type a search in the search box.

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