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Files can be added to a Project using multiple methods.  Most commonly, files are added to a project through associated items (such as an Estimate, Punch list or other module) that are assigned to the same Project.  To upload one or more files directly to a project, go to:


  • Menu > Files & Photos > Select the folder where you want to upload the files.  You can create a new folder within the Project folder by clicking New Folder.  Once the desired location is selected, click Upload Files.


  • The new screen gives you the option to assign tags to the files you are about to upload as well as add any notes.  From here you can also select the Project that the files will be associated with.  Once ready, click Add an Attachment.


  • The new popup allows you to click “Add Files” to select the files from your computer or you can drag and drop them into the popup.  Once you do so, click Upload All files. Depending on the file size, it could take several minutes for the files to transfer.  Once finished, you are taken back to the details screen.  Click Submit to Save the files.


You can also send files directly from your app to a project.  From your gallery of an image on your phone, go to Send To > Contractor Foreman.  You will then be prompted to selected a Project to associated with the files.

While viewing files associated with a project, keep in mind that you cannot delete files that are part of another module.  You have to delete it at the source.  Meaning, if you notice a blurry image while in Files & Photos and decide you want to delete it, you may not be able to if it is an Associated image.  That means that it is a file associated with another module.  In that case, you have to go to the source which could be an Estimate (where the image was originally added).  These prevents someone from deleting files that someone else in the company may see as important and necessary.

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To Upload Files & Photos.


In Contractor Foreman, Files & Photos is a good place to store all your files & photos pertaining to your projects. You can quickly & easily upload your documents & images.


Points to Remember:

To save your work, click the blue “Submit” button.

Deleting Items can only be done by a person with Admin Rights or if you are given access to do so.

If a File or Photo needs to be Deleted, you can do so by going back to the module where you uploaded it.

Steps to Upload Files & Photos:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu.
  2. Click on Files & Photos.
  3. Enter the following information:

Apply Filter:

  • Customer: Filter by Customer.
  • Project: Select from System List.
  • Filter By Tag/Module: Select from Drop-down.
  • Filter By File Extension: Select from Drop-down.
  • Show all Files: Check Mark Box.
  • Search:

View Folders:

  • Allows you to view all that you have uploaded.

Email Files:

  • Send Email: Allows you to email out the Document or Image directly from Files & Photos.

Upload Files:

  • Add New File: Fill out the below fields.
  • Project: Select from System List.
  • Tags: Type to add a Tag.
  • Date/Time: Auto filled.
  • Note:
  • File Name:
  • Add an Attachment:
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Files and Photos

Files and Photos are a powerful yet easy to use feature in Contractor Foreman. If you attach a file from a Change Order or Daily Log, Contractor Foreman will automatically put it in the Files and Photos section and it also remains attached to the feature the photo or file was loaded into initially. This gives you redundant organization and saving of your files and photos without any additional work.

To view your library of files and photos go to main menu and select “Files and Photos.”

Here you can sort by project or view and search all files and photos loaded into Contractor Foreman.

After clicking on Files and Photos you can; Upload New Files, Filter by Project and Customer as well as by Tag or Module and perform a global search of photos.

Contractor Foreman also allows you to edit files and photos. To do this simply click on the small pencil icon at bottom right of any file or photo. You can then perform the following.

Change Project: Select the new Project from the Drop Down box.

Add Tags: Click “Add Tags.” Enter new tag in text/tag box and click “Save.”

Upload New File or Photo:  Click the “Upload file” button and select photo or file, then click upload. Previous File or Photo will be deleted and be replaced with new.

Date and Time: Select New date and or time for File or Photo.

Note: Add notes pertaining to this File or Photo.

Title: add title for File or Photo.

*When using the app, you can draw directly onto the photo to highlight items within the image or add notes directory to the photo.

Click “Submit” to save changes.

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