Basics of Vehicle Logs


To Create a Vehicle Log.


Vehicle logs, tracking miles and maintenance can be a time-consuming job for any company. Contractor Foreman gives you a very effective tool to do just that. Each person that drives a vehicle that needs mileage, Oil changes, maintenance and things like tolls tracked can easily use logs to keep detailed vehicle logs.

Points to Remember:

Required fields are marked with an Asterisk (*.)

To save your work, click the blue “Submit” button.

To edit the record, click the green pencil icon in the upper right corner.

Deleting Items can only be done by a person with Admin Rights or if you are given access to do so.

If a Vehicle Log need to be Deleted, you can do so by clicking on the “Action” button at the bottom of the page on the right.

Steps to Create a New Vehicle Log:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu.
  2. Click on Vehicle Logs.
  3. Click on blue button “Create a New Log” on the left.
  4. Enter the following information:
  • Log Date: (Mandatory)
  • Employee: (Mandatory) Select from Drop-down.
  • Vehicle: (Mandatory) Select from Drop-down.
  • Trip Mileage: Start & End.
  • Total Miles Based on Trip Mileage:
  • Hours Used:
  • Tolls ($):
  • Start Location:
  • Destination:
  • Project: Select from System List.
  • Purpose:

Maintenance Preformed:

  • Last Oil Change:
  • Last Tire Rotation:
  • Needs Maintenance:
  • Note:
  • Add an Attachment: Upload all Photos & Files in link to this Project. (On the phone or Tab this would be a Camera button so just click away & it will upload here automatically)
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