Appointments in Contractor Foreman are a very powerful tool that performs many functions. From the Appointment screen you can add a new customer and schedule a meeting with multiple employees. You can also associate an Appointment to a Sales Rep and designate who scheduled the Appointment. Required Fields are marked with an Asterisk (*.)

If the person you are meeting with is not in your contacts scroll down the screen and you can create a new contact by clicking in the “Create New Customer Contact” check box and filling out the fields below that.

Appointments will also show up on your Home screen in Contractor Foreman.

The feature for Appointments to Sync with your phones calendar is coming soon.

New Appointment

Click Appointments in main menu. If you are meeting with an existing contact fill out the field “Meeting With.” This will populate the other contact type fields. Next set the Date and Time. Fill out the “Meeting subject.”

In the “Employees Attending” field you can set who from your company will be attending the meeting, it can be one or more employees.

Next fill out the location of meeting. Ie: Customers Home, Architects Office, building permit office or conference room.

Then you set the Sales Rep as well as who scheduled the meeting.

In the next section is where you can create a New Customer Contact. First be sure to put a check mark in the box for “Create New Contact,” Then Fill out the fields noting that required fields have an Asterisk (*.)

Then click Submit to Save the Appointment. You can edit the Appointment by clicking on the green Pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of screen.