Adding a Vehicle Log

Vehicle Logs

Vehicle logs, tracking miles and maintenance can be a time consuming job for any company. Contractor Foreman gives you a very effective tool to do just that. Each person that drives a vehicle that needs mileage, Oil changes, maintenance and things like tolls tracked can easily use logs to keep detailed vehicle logs.

To create a Vehicle Log, go to main menu and select “Vehicle Log” Then select either the small “New” button to the right of “Vehicle Log” or select “Create a New Vehicle Log” from the top of middle pane (List View.)

Required fields are marked with and Asterisk (*.)

Log Date: Using the Calendar select the date for the Vehicle Log.

Employee: Select the Employee who operated the Vehicle.

Vehicle: Select the vehicle used. In settings, you can set default vehicles for employees if they generally drive the same vehicle each time.

Trip Mileage: Enter the beginning and End Mileage.

Total Mileage Based on Trip Mileage: Field will automatically calculate Trip Mileage based on Fields above.

Hours Used: Enter total of hours used. Either total Driving time or total time employee had the vehicle.

Tolls: Enter any Tolls paid.

Start Location: Enter the location the trip originated from.

Destination: Enter the location of Destination.

Project: Using the Drop Down box, select the project the vehicle was used for. There are generic selections available for general driving.

Purpose: Enter the purpose of the trip.

Oil Changed: If a Vehicle had Oil Changed, enter the mileage here.

Tire Rotation: Enter the Mileage the tires were rotated here.

Needs Maintenance: If a maintenance issue was noted, enter the date it was discovered here. Use the note field below to enter any details regarding needed maintenance.

Notes: Enter any detailed notes or maintenance items.

To save the record click “Submit.”

To Edit the record click the green pencil icon in the upper right corner of screen.