Adding a New Expense


With Contractor Foreman, Expenses can be handled easily and quickly. No more sun faded receipts or receipts being turned in two-months later. All Expenses can be tracked in Contractor Foreman as well as reported on and sorted by Employee, Project, Dates, Cost codes, etc. Your Employee can even take a picture of the receipt directly from their phone so accounting has instant verification.

Required Fields are marked with an Asterisk (*.)

To create a new Expense, go to main menu and select “Expense”. Then select either the small “New” button to the right of “Expense” or select “Create a New Expense” from the top of middle pane (List View.)

Project: Select the appropriate Project form the Drop Down.

Date: Select the date the expense occurred.

Expense Reason: Enter why the need for the expense occurred.

Cost Code: If you are using Cost Codes enter it here. To set up cost codes go to “Setting” then “Cost Codes.”

Expense Images: Here you can take a picture of the receipt and attach it to the expense record.

Expense Name: Give the expense a name related to reason for expense.

Expense Amount: Enter amount of Expense.

Paid By: Select either Employee or company Card. This information is used to run reports for reimbursement as well as CC reconciliation.

Generated By: System will auto-populate this field based on user login.

Status: Mark Expense as either Active or Archive. Typically, an expense is marked archive by an Accounting Admin or Owner once it has been reimbursed or reconciled.

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