New Schedule Notice

New Schedule Notice

To create a new Schedule Notice, go to main menu and click on “Correspondence” then click on “Schedule Notice” from the sub menu.

Project: Select the appropriate project from the drop-down menu.

To: Click the View/Select button to select who the Schedule Notice will be sent to. These will appear on the PDF forms as well as the email function.

Date/Time: Enter the date and Time to Notice was created.

Item #: This will auto populate once the record has been saved.

Notice Type: Select the Notice Type from the drop down. Your choices are; Schedule Update, Delay by Subcontractor and Delay by Weather.

# of Days Delayed: If known, enter the number of days the project has been delayed. If the delay is not known, enter a note for To Be Determined in the Note Field below.

Generated By: This will auto fill based on user login.

Status: Select Active until the issue has been resolved then change it to Archive once resolved.

Notes: Enter and notes or comments that will be put on the schedule Notice.

To save record click on the “Submit” Button

To Edit the record, click on the green pencil icon in the upper right of screen.

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