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Project Management

Manage your projects anytime, anywhere, without hassle

Managing your projects should not be a task. We make the process simple and fast for experts and novices alike.

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Financials and Accounting

Numbers matter – we give you fast access to the numbers you need… when you need it.

No more timecards left on the dashboard. Period. Pause, Resume, Change projects, or Cost Codes. Got Crews? We’ve got ya covered with Crew check in check out. Half a box of bananas and you can train a monkey to do it.

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Scheduling and Planning

Time is money. Manage your projects and your calendar from anywhere – don’t let them manage you.

Yes, we all know time is money. But spending hundreds of dollars per year for CPM Gantt charts is a thing of the past. Join the now, join Contractor Foreman today.

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Safety & Incidents

Keep your employees safe and stay off of OSHA’s radar. Identity, prevent, and track incidents and near-misses.

They happen, incidents of all kinds. Now you can track and respond quickly and accordingly. See patterns and make corrections.

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Contact Manager

Keep all of your contacts in one place.  Call or email your customers or contractors directly from the app.

Add them to groups, track safety meetings, timecards and more all from one screen. Take the headache out of your HR. Add quickly, sort quickly, get information quickly.

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Forms, Checklists & Reports

Use custom forms and checklists to collect information and custom reports to keep you informed.

Who did what when and why? We got you covered. Full Daily Logs keep you safe and up to date. Weather, visitors, safety, productivity, materials used and more are all are covered in your Daily Logs. Our Forms and Checklists lets you create the forms you need, lock out tag out, project closeout, whatever, create what you need.

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