Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

We understand, you have questions about Contractor Foreman and need additional clarification.  Most of the common questions we receive are shown below.  Can’t find what you are looking for?  Send us an email or talk with us live by clicking the LiveChat icon in the bottom right.

What is the 100 day money back guarantee?

Some companies have a refund policy for 7 days… maybe 30 days.  We are so confident in Contractor Foreman that we give you up to 100-days to request a refund if you are not satisfied and no longer wish to use it. No other company comes close to this level of confidence. (Effective 12/29/17 for all Annual and 3-Year plans.) That said, we do have a few conditions you must meet to be eligible for the refund. Our terms are not an obstacle but instead, they are in place to ensure that you adequately give Contractor Foreman a try before giving up on it. Our goal is to see you succeed. Prior to requesting a refund, you must have… participated in a free training session within 30 days of signing up and within the last 30 days of when you are requesting a refund.  This allows us to show you the features you may not be aware of and highlight new features added prior to the refund being processed. Additionally, you must add (1) Project and during the course of the project, create 3 Daily logs for separate dates. It’s as simple as that. (Effective with new users October 12, 2017.)

Does the price increase if we add more projects?

No, the pricing for Contractor Foreman if fixed and does not increase based on your company’s growth.  This allows you to add an unlimited number of projects.

Which devices does this work on?

Contractor Foreman is web based.  The web panel can be used on any device that has a web browser.  We also have native apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android phones and tablets.  Even if you use a Windows tablet, you can still use Contractor Foreman by using the web panel.  We support Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  Others may work, but they haven’t been tested and may result in undesired performance.

How many devices can I use this on?

Some software providers limit how many devices you can use per user.  Not Contractor Foreman.  Each of your employees can use Contractor Foreman on their; computer while in the office, the Android phone while working, the tablet while walking the jobsite, and the iOS device while lounging at home.  There are no limits to your productivity.

Can I upgrade at any time?

Yes, you can add more users at any time.  The upgrade will be prorated based on the amount you have already paid and the remaining time on the current subscription.  If you need to add more users, contact us and we will take care of it for you.

Do you store my credit card number?

No.  We never have access to your card number.  All billing information is handled by a third-party secure payment processor.  This ensures that your data is safe and eliminates the risk that someone could access your billing information through Contractor Foreman.

Scheduling a Training Session

We want to help you get up and going ASAP and to do so, we provide free training for everyone during the Free Trial period.  After the free trial, Annual and 3-Year users receive Unlimited free training throughout the year.  To ensure that all customers have an equal opportunity to schedule a training session that fits their schedule, no more than 1 training can be scheduled within the same work week.  If you have a Monthly subscription and want to upgrade to an Annual plan to take advantage of unlimited training and other benefits, contact your dedicated account manager or

Training Videos

Schedule a Training

How secure is my data?

Contractor Foreman works in the cloud on AWS (Amazon Web Servers).  This is the same network uses to run their own website.  So yes, it is very secure but as with anything, it’s only as secure as the weakest link.  Is your password “safety” or “construction”?  Those may not be the best option.  Do not share your credentials – instead, give your employees their own account.

How do I get support help?

We do all we can to make sure we are available to quickly answer any questions you have or to fix any issues.  You can connect with us most hours of the day using LiveChat.  No time to sit around and chat?  Send us an email or use the Support contact form.

Be sure to also check out our Knowledge Base.

Can I add my own safety meeting topics?

Yes. For most companies, the 1000 pre-written safety topics will meet their needs but we also know that some companies have their own safety topics.  We allow you to add as many of your own topics as you want and there is no extra fee.

Can we get help importing contacts into the different sections?

Sure, send us your data and we’ll take a look at it and let you know if anything is needed to bring it over.  There is not an extra costs to do this.

Are we able to export all of our OSHA 300 logs into one file and send it to OSHA each year or do we have to manually copy it into their file one at a time?

Yes, you can export all of your OSHA 300 logs and it will be in the format required by OSHA.  This will save you a lot of time and money compared to the current way of doing it.

Can employees in multiple cities set the weather based on their location?

Yes, each of your employees can set the weather by adding their local zip code in User Settings.  Additionally, you can specify a zip code for each project and it will pull the weather for the project within Daily Log.

How do we prevent employees from changing settings?

Each employee that you make an app user is given a Permission Role.  You are able to define who can edit what.  Some settings are pulled from the Primary account to avoid duplicate data entry.

If I ‘Make a Suggestion’, does someone read it?

Yes, our owners read every suggestion that is made.  If we need more information about the feature, we will contact you.  With all suggestions we look at how it would fit into the program and if it will be a benefit to other users and if so, how soon can we implement it.

If an employee does not have GPS or keeps it turned off, will it still show their location?

The GPS feature will only work if the device has the feature turned on.  Even though it may not show the GPS map, it will still function correctly. As a company, you can set a policy that requires your employees to turn on GPS for the Time Card.

Who can see the notes?

The notes are internal and are only visible for your company and Users that you allow to view the Notes section.

If I forget to create a Daily Log on the 15th and I do not think about it until the 17th, can I still create one for the 15th?

Yes.  When creating the daily log, select the date that you want to create the log for and it will pull in items for that day including the weather and who was working on the project based on Time Card data.

If I assign a tasks to an employee, how will they know about it?

The employee will see their tasks on the Dashboard once they log into the app or the panel.  We are also in the process of implementing a feature that will send them an email or push notification if a task has been assigned to them.

How many files and photos can we add?

We do not limit the amount of files and photos you can upload like most companies do and we do not charge you extra.  Photos are a great way to document items and we do not want to hinder you from doing so.

Can my receptionist create appointments for other employees or do they have to create their own?

If you have a receptionist or someone else who usually schedules the appointments, they can continue doing so.  They can setup appointments for other employees and when those employees open the dashboard, they will see their appointment.  We are also adding a feature that will notify employees that an appointment has been setup for them.

Can I send a notice to someone who is not in our Directory or do I have to add them first?

Yes, you can send a notice to anyone who is not in your Directory by manually typing in their email address during the Send process.  This allows you to email notices to people who are and are not in your Directory.

If I have to discipline an employee, do they have access to it?

Within Settings, you can create Roles that determine who can access, see, and edit data.  This allows you control over who can see these items.

How do I see when a vehicle last had its oil changed without having to click through each log?

One of the great features about Contractor Foreman is the ability to pull Reports.  Inside the vehicle log you can select the vehicle and generate a list of all oil changes for that vehicle as well as maintenance and tire rotations.

Are we able to run a report to see how many hours a piece of equipment was used on a project?

Yes, that can be done under Equipment Reports.  You can also run other reports on equipment such as oil changed, employee usage, date, and maintenance.

If we see a checklist that we like but we want to make a few changes to it, can we modify it ourselves?

Yes, you can Preview any of the checklists that we have and from there you can add it to Company Forms to use later or you can go ahead and Edit the form now.  In the future you can use the revised version or created or if you want to use the original version, you can use it as well.

How can I prevent certain employees from exporting data that we do not want to leave our company?

One of the great things about Contractor Foreman is that you can use one of the predefined Roles or you can create your own.  You also have the ability to assign permissions based on the individual User.  So if you have a user that you want to only have access to the Time Card feature, you can do that.  This prevents them from seeing or editing or exporting anything that you do not want them to have access to.

Am I able to process credit card payments with the app?

Yes. With our WePay by Chase Bank direct integration, your clients are able to pay their invoices using a credit card or through a bank transfer.