Free Construction Software for Contractors

Benefits of Construction Software


For all of the construction contractors, the management of different perspectives & aspects of their work has always been a hectic task. However, with the advancement in technology and the launch of numerous technological mechanism, the same process & project management has become fairly convenient. Contractor Foreman is such an advanced tool which helps the same cause significantly and enables the medium & large scaled contractors to get through different stages ever so smoothly.


  • Features & Benefits:


  • Super quick & easy:

Unlike numerous other similar softwares, the Foreman Contractor is such project management software which never causes any problem in either installation or usability. The interface of the software is thoroughly easy to be managed and even if one is not a technological freak, still he could operate the entire system quite easily. In addition, the system never gets stuck and runs super quickly while ensuring each of the processes goes smooth & flawless.


  • Countless employees:

Regardless of the fact that you are a small or a large contractor enterprise or have one or hundreds of employees working in your company, you can add them to the software super rapidly. Not only that, the whole of the employees are managed in one go without having to get bothered from changing from one page to the other.


  • Online training:

For the ones who are unaware about the working mechanism of the software, Contractor Foreman offers free training for the contractors so that they can have an ample command of the software for ease of performance. The Foreman Contractors have an aim that your business success is their success and thus, fullest training covers all the relevant prospects in such regard.


  • Versatile:

The Foreman Contractor has such a magnificent usability that it could be used for varied purposes ever so effectively. Whether you need the software to be used for project management, financial & accounting, schedule & planning, safety & incidents or more, it serves all the relevant dimensions quite elegantly without having you to keep on changing from one software to the other.


  • Vast storage & regular updates:

Once you opt to store information, contact or other important stuff in the software, you will simply do not have to pay extra for additional storage as the Foreman Contractor features quite vast space which enables you to keep the important data without any trouble.


  • Premium reporting & data export:

In case if you need to have a look at the data from outside sources, report the information or export the content from any other link, you can do it without having to struggle by any means.


  • Contact management:

Not only you can store the contacts in the software, but what you can do is to contact them via email or call directly from the software. Besides, the clients could be added to groups & different heads can be sorted out like wages, credentials and so forth.


  • Compatible with desktop & mobile app:

Other than being compatible to be used as a mobile application, Foreman Contractor can be used as a portal from the desktop for the ease of contractors.


  • Free trial & affordable:

It comes with the free trial period of as much as 30 days while the monthly cost starts from as low as $16/month while it never causes a financial burden.