FREE: Customer-Only Trainings

Not sure where to start?  Start with a Private or Basic training (whichever is available the soonest).  Both are different and recommended for each user.  The private training provides an experience tailored to your needs whereas the basic training provides an overview of most tools that you will work with early on. Once those are completed, jump on the Advanced training.  Still have questions? Let us know and we can help.

Basic Training (Free)

The Basic training goes over the fundamentals of using Contractor Foreman and getting the most out of it.  We will cover; Settings, types of Time Cards, creating Estimates, Submitting Invoices, adding files, adding users, and much more.  We will answer your your questions at the end of the meeting.

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This Thursday at 11:00 am PST /  2:00pm EST.
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Advanced Training (Free)

If you’ve already been through the Basic training or if you have a good grasp of the system and are looking to take it to the next level, this training is for you.  We’ll cover Cost Codes (and why you should use them), job costing, tracking retainage, and so much more.

Next Free Training
Thursday, September 23 at 10:00 am PST /  1:00pm EST.
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Private One-on-One Training

This training will allow us better understand your companies needs so that we can help you get Contractor Foreman implemented quickly. It’s recommend that you attend a New Customer or Basic Training first so that you can get the basics out of the way so that we have more time to focus on other features.

Schedule a Free Training

  Email or call 503-922-2204 EXT 1 to book a meeting.

QuickBooks Guided Integration

Integrating with QuickBooks shouldn’t be difficult or scary.  Let us walk you through the integration.  Schedule an exploratory call (up to 1.5 hours) to answer any questions you have about the integration and to review the current structure of your QuickBooks data (through screen share).  They will also identify if there are any concerns or changes that need to be made before integration takes place.  If additional QB assistance is needed, it can be purchased directly from Smart Business Solutions at a discounted rate of only $65/hour. 

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