06/15/18 – New Release

Contractor Foreman just got a lot better! Need more Users???

— Dashboard Widgets: See the data you want to see on your custom Dashboard.
— Estimate Templates: You can create templates for faster estimating in the future.
— Copy Estimate: You can also copy an Estimate to another Estimate.
— Improved Weather Data: Now you can set your weather to Celsius and use non-US zipcodes for weather forecast and Daily Logs.
— Sort Projects: You can now sort Projects based on Project Name, Date Added or Project ID within User Settings.
— Purchase Orders: Generating PO’s is fast and easy.
— Sub Contracts: Easily keep your terms and agreed upon items in once place for quick contract generation.
— Reorder Task: Did your Schedule change? You can now reorder task to stay on track.
— Schedules in App: You can now view your project schedules within the apps.
— Service Ticket Maps: Quickly assign service tickets based on location and availability.
— Additional Contacts: You can now appoint an Additional Contact within your records instead of only Primary contacts.
— Custom Terms: Now you can customize the terms that appear on your Invoices and Estimates per project or use the standard terms.

Coming Up Next…
Great progress has been made on our integration with QuickBooks. AIA-style billing will make it to the next update. Soon you can see your Time Cards in a calendar view.

Is something missing that you want to see? Let us know by clicking “Make a Suggestion” within your account. Need help? Sign up for a free training session.