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Exporting your customers and vendors from QuickBooks Online is not as straightforward as you would expect.  Follow the steps below or use the video to see step-by-step how to export your contacts.  Once finished, copy the data to the Contractor Foreman import template.

Need a hand?  We can help.  Send us your exported file and as long as you have the correct columns setup, we will take care of the rest for you.


Steps: Reports > Search for Report (Customer Contact List) > Click Customize (upper right) > Rows & Columns > Change Columns > Select columns to show > Run Report > Export to Excel.



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How do I get help if I need it or report a bug?

If you find a bug please use the “Make a Suggestion” menu item. It is towards the bottom of the main drop down menu in the App and it is in the main menu (towards the bottom) in the Web Panel.

You can use the chat window at the bottom right corner of screen on the Web Panel.

You can email us at support@contractorforeman.com.

You can also use this Help Topics and FAQ’s, select a topic or type a search in the search box.

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Modifying / Editing and Saving Records

In Contractor Foreman, there are typically two ways to save a record.

  • Click the “Submit” button at bottom of Screen
  • Click the Blue Check Box (or Save button) in Upper right.

To Edit a Record, click the Green “Pencil” icon in the upper right hand corner of screens.

To edit a line item record in a screen such as Invoice or Estimates, first click the Green Pencil Icon in upper right hand corner of the screen. Then go to the line item that needs to be edited and click the Green Pencil Icon for that line items. Make your changes and click confirm at bottom of screen.

As with any software be sure to save early and save often!

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Managing Users:

It is important to know the difference between Users and Employees. Users have their own personal login and can add and modify and view features within Contractor Foreman based on Role Permissions. Employees are people within your company that may or may not have any access to Contractor Foreman. You can have an unlimited number of employees but Users are the licenses you paid for.

To Add Additional Users:

From the Dashboard Screen you can view how many licenses you have and how many licenses you have available to assign to new Users. You can also add more Users by clicking on this link to upgrade your account:  http://contractorforeman.com/buymore-dashboard/

Go to Main Menu and Click on Directory on the left side of the screen.

Click on an existing employee (see Adding employees if you do not have any yet).  If you have additional licenses to use and if the employee already exists that you wish to make a user, click on that employee record and click the green pencil icon to modify the record. Then fill out the right side of screen. Be sure to click the App Access button. Fill out the Username, Password, Role and be sure to check the drop down called “User Has Access To.” This is also where you can reset the password or change the Username or Role for your Employee; or disable access.

To Add Additional Employees:

There are two ways to add employees.

  • Use the .csv template import (See help for Importing Contacts .csv import.)
  • Add manually by clicking add employee.

To add an Employee manually, click on Directory in main menu on the left. Then click select employees. Select the blue “Create a New Employee” button. The required Fields have a red Asterisk (*) next to them. If you have set up “Groups” in Contractor Foreman, you can select the appropriate group for that employee. Groups can be set up to create groups of employees that do similar tasks such as Roofers, Framers or Office staff. This helps reduce duplicate data entry and keeps your company organized.

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My Account is set up, what are my next Steps?

While Contractor Foreman is probably the easiest of all Construction Management Systems available, it does take some time and a commitment. The more time you spend on set up the more you will get from the program. Be sure to start from the Web/Admin Panel (Desktop Version).

Add Employees and Contacts. You will not be able to get the full benefit of Contractor Foreman if you do not have contacts and employees loaded. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*.) You can also go to Help/FAQ’s to get detailed help on each section for Employees, customers and Contractors.

Add Employee name and other contact info. On the right side of the screen you can assign your Employee a Username and Password for app access.

Click “Submit” when complete.

If you need to make changes click the green pencil icon in the upper right.

Roles: In main menu choose Settings, then choose sub menu item “Roles.” In Roles you can create a new Role or choose one from the list provided. You have three choices, No Access, Full Access or Read Only. It is not required to have Roles fully set up in the beginning. However, as you learn the system you will want to restrict access for HR and other security reasons.

By clicking on the picture icon you can add a photo of the employee.

Be sure to note the Green buttons at bottom of screen. Once you are up and running you can click on the items to go directly to a list of those items.

Add Customers

Fill out the basic information, required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*.)

On the right side of this screen you can add items such as Gate and Access Code, set their status to active or inactive. Inactive helps you keep your contact list shorter by eliminating contacts you no longer need without actually deleting them.

By clicking on the picture icon you can add a photo of the customer, it can be a logo or picture.

You can then add additional contacts for that customer by clicking on the “Additional Contacts” button. These can be useful for things such as, Superintendent, Project Manager, Estimator or Spouse.

Once complete you then click submit.

If you need to make changes click the green pencil icon in the upper right.

Add Vendors, Contractors and Misc contacts.

The Steps are basically the same for all other contacts.

Special Note for Contractors contact type: In contact panel you can store and track a contractors license and insurance information.

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