25+ Features, Starts at $16/m

Project Management

Managing your projects should not be a task.  We make the process simple and fast for experts and novices alike.

A Dashboard so loaded with features you will think you spent a fortune instead of pennies. Easy and concise navigation gets you where you need to go… quickly.

  • Clocked In Employees and Location
  • Appointments & Calendar
  • Local Weather
  • Widgets to Quickly See Important Information
  • Corporate Notes
  • LiveChat and Training Videos
  • Custom Menu
  • Quick Access to All Features

Change Orders and the tracking of them can be the bane of your existence. Problem Solved… Your welcome!

  • Industry Standard Form
  • Inline Item Editing
  • Import from your Materials, Equipment, Labor, Service Database
  • Super Fast – Brings in your Markup, Cost Code, and Description
  • Upload files, Photos, Supporting Docs Directly into CO
  • Attach to Estimate
  • Import Approved Change Orders into Invoice

It’s hard to argue with success. Logically upload and tag your files for easy recall. Markup, save, send, share capabilities keep your communication flowing like never before.

  • UNLIMITED Storage…. FREE
  • Get Rid of Drop Box
  • Email Files to Others (Directly from the app or panel)
  • Get Everything Under One Umbrella
  • Attach Files/Photos to each Record Plus a Central Repository

Don’t get trampled by the elephants while you are watching the Ants go marching by. The human brain can only hold so much, our To Do lists keep you and other team members on top of all those details. Our To Do’s help you keep your head up and your eye on the prize.

  • Save Hours with Streamlined Punchlists
  • Create and Send Right From the Field
  • Sort and Filter to Streamline the View

Ahhhh, the beauty of a well designed punch list is just moments away for you and your team. Email responsible parties, track outstanding items, add and share marked up photos. This is going to shave hours off your day.

  • Save Hours and Stay on Top of those Loose Ends
  • Annotate and keep your photos right in Punchlist feature
  • Assign Tasks and Create Checklists
  • Automatic Email, Push and Text Notifications
  • Use Tags, Status’s and Priorities to Stay Up To Date

Unfortunately, in today’s world we have to document everything. We give you the ability to do just that, easily. Send notices whether it’s an RFI, Schedule Notice or Compliance Notice right from the App. Boom, its done and documented the right way.

  • Compliance Notices
  • Schedule Notices
  • RFI’s
  • Notes
  • Daily Logs
  • Document and Track Cost & Construction Delays

Service dispatch done, Client history done, timecard like tracking done. What you have been needing to manage Service work… Done!!

  • Generate Invoice based on Work Done
  • Map View for Faster Location-Based Assignments
  • Dispatch Technicians/Employees
  • Record Payments Received
  • Track Customer History
  • Check-In and Check-Out to Track Time on Jobsite

Go ahead, inspect it. Stay ahead of the game with Inspection statuses, revisions needed. If a Re-inspection is needed create one on the fly. All done in real time so the office has the visibility it needs.

  • Track inspections by Date, Permit Number or Status
  • Create Check List of Items to Prep for Inspections
  • Need to Reinspect? One Button Reschedules
  • Attach Files, Photos and other Supporting docs to the Record

Giving you the flexibility you need to work smart. Built with the flexibility to work for you not against you. Clients, Employees, Owners, they all love our work orders.

  • Use as an informal Change Order
  • Inline Item Editing
  • Import from your Materials, Equipment, Labor, Service Database
  • Super Fast – Brings in your Markup, Cost Code, and Description
  • Can also be used to track costs on a small project
  • Capture Approvers Signature Right on Form
  • Field and Office use PDF’s Pre-Built

Financials & Accounting

Numbers matter – we give you fast access to the numbers you need… when you need it.  Restrict who can see and/or edit each item.

No more timecards left on the dashboard. Period. Pause, Resume, Change projects, or Cost. Got Crews? We’ve got ya covered with Crew check in check out. Half a box of bananas and you can train a monkey to do it.

  • Time Cards and Crew Cards for all of your time tracking needs
  • Time/Hours and cost code reporting included
  • Security setting for Timecards
  • GPS Tracking on Employee Time Cards

Show me the money! We don’t believe in restrictions. Want to invoice right from your phone? Done. Multiple fields gives you options to invoice the way you want. Speed + Time = Money. It’s just that simple. Let’s not over complicate it shall we?

  • Advanced and Basic Invoicing to let you work they way you want
  • PDF’s Showing Payment History, Helps Reduce Workload
  • Automatically Import Estimate Items into Invoice
  • Import Approved Change Orders into Invoice

Quickbooks integration coming Q2/3 of 2018

OK, maybe you won’t estimate a high rise building or 250 miles of 6 lane highway but for the rest of it we got you covered. Individual markups, material lists lots of features to keep your heart beat of the company beating strong.

  • Inline Estimate Editing
  • Import from your Materials, Equipment, Labor, Service Database
  • Super Fast – Brings in your Markup, Cost Code, and Description
  • Customer and Internal PDF’s
  • Easy to use, Little Training Required
  • Report and Track by Approved, Rebid, Lost Etc

How much did that other company want for Progress Billing capability? Just run away, run this way, pennies per day for well done progress billings.

  • Get the money you earned when you earn it.
  • Track financial progress and get that forward visibility.
  • Show clients you are on top of your game…everyday!

Put the money in the bank, stop chasing it. Log your payments right when you receive. Watching your bottom line has never been easier.

  • Receive Payments from the Field
  • Track Amount Paid, Balance Remaining on Contract
  • Who Paid What and When

Gotta love (not) those sun faded receipts. No more we say. Fill out the expense form, snap a pic of the receipt and boom, it’s all taken care of. Accounting can even pull up to date reports on expenses to keep track of costs.

  • Input Expenses and Attach Receipts photos right from the Field
  • Run Reimbursement and Charge Account Reconciliation Reports
  • Track Expenses by Project and by Job Cost

Scheduling & Planning

Time is money.  Manage your projects and your calendar from anywhere – don’t let them manage you.

Yea, we all know time is money. But spending hundreds of dollars per year for CPM Gantt charts is a thing of the past. Join the now, join Contractor Foreman today.

  • Don’t surprise your clients or your pocket book with unforeseen delays
  • Easy to use, lets you schedule your way
  • Roll ups to see all your company’s projects in a tidy neat view.

Follow the path of how you got there. Information is gold, use our CPM baseline to track original vs actual. Leverage historical information to build a better future.

  • Its best if you know how you got there and why
  • Set baselines so adjustments can be made when necessary
  • Budget your time just like you do your dollars

Yea, we all know time is money. But spending hundreds of dollars per year for CPM Gantt charts is a thing of the past. Join the now, join Contractor Foreman today.

  • Easy to build.  Click, drag,drop, link
  • Easy to read and understandable views
  • Let your clients see your genius and logic

Free your data and move; send a copy to your client, move it to another program, email it, or bring it to Contractor Foreman from Microsoft Project.

  • Save as PDF, Image, Excel or MS Project
  • Import from Excel (coming Q318)

Sync easily and seamlessly with Google or Outlook, lets get everybody talking again!!!  Not using Outlook or Google – no problem.  Contractor Foreman keeps your appointments safe and secure.

  • Google or Outlook, no problem
  • Simple Setup takes less than 2 minutes
  • No technical work required


It really is best when we can all talk and share… our calendars that is. No longer do you need multiple calendars for each employee and department.

  • Get everybody on the same page, once and for all.
  • Smooth out communications, visibility for Desktop or phone apps.
  • See schedule conflicts instantly

Safety & Incidents

Keep your employees safe and stay off of OSHA’s radar.  Identity, prevent, and track incidents and near-misses.

They happen, incidents of all kinds. Now you can track and respond quickly and accordingly. See patterns and make corrections.

  • Rest assured you can have compliance covered, all the tools are there
  • One App, One System, all Integrated
  • Save Money on Insurance and audits

Keeps you compliant by creating OSHA 300 logs. Don’t let another incident go undocumented leaving you exposed.

  • No need to Search for and compile separate records, OSHA 300 is integrated
  • Easily get the annual OSHA reports compiled

Safety First! And we help you achieve that goal. Refined over years the Safety Meetings feature of Contractor Foreman App contains all the critical components and safety meeting topics. Load your own topics or use ours (English + Spanish 1000+.) Track attendees and photo capability give you the tools you need to help you stay compliant.

  • 1000+ Safety Topics built in
  • Log, Track & Report on Safety Meetings by Topic, Date, Employee etc
  • Helps you stay OSHA Compliant
  • Set up a Safety Meeting in less than a minute
  • Not a separate toolbox talks App, saving you money
  • Add Custom Safety Topics

OK, Sometimes you have to. When that time arises we have you covered. From Discipline type to actions taken to employee signature line and photo capability we meet your HR needs.

  • Unfortunately they Happen, Keep them all Securely in one App
  • Capture Employee Signature
  • Assign Occurrence and Discipline Type
  • Attach Files and Photos to Record
  • Link to Safety Incidents

Contact Manager

Keep all of your contacts in one place.  Call or email your customers or contractors directly from the app.

Add them to groups, track safety meetings, timecards and more all from one screen. Take the headache out of your HR. Add quickly, sort quickly, get information quickly.

  • Wages
  • Continuing Education Tracking
  • ID Photos
  • Associated Items

Adding a User couldn’t be easier.  Select the Employee and click App Access and they will be up and running with their own credentials – eliminating the worry of someone accessing information they shouldn’t see.

  • Assign Roles
  • Set Permissions
  • Enable/Disable Immediately
  • Reset Passwords

Need to track insurance? Done, Licenses? Done. Keep track of scope of work and projects they have been on? Done. Sort by type, sort by name. What else can we say except… done.

  • Additional Contacts
  • Associated Items
  • License & Insurance Tracking

There’s gold in them thar hills. Customers I mean, signed contracts. Data is just data, information is what helps you grow. Our customer screens are loaded with information to help you turn that info into gold. Instantly see invoices, Projects Status etc without clicking x10.

  • Work & Service History
  • Private Notes
  • Associated Items

Pretty well streamlined. Sort, search add with ease. Keep your records and projects linked. No need to open phone contacts then go back to an app to enter data. Import contacts. Super quick, super easy.

  • Work History
  • Additional Contacts

Forms, Checklist & Reports

Use custom forms and checklists to collect information and custom reports to keep you informed.

Who did what when and why? We got you covered. Full Daily Logs keep you safe and up to date. Weather, visitors, safety, productivity, materials used and more are all are covered in your Daily Logs.

  • Track Jobsite Conditions and Arrival/Departure Time
  • Hours Worked (By Employees and Subs)
  • Import Weather Stats Automatically
  • Track Material & Equipment Used and Delivered
  • View all daily Notes, Files, Incidents
  • Print, Download or email Reports
  • Track Delays, Weather Issues, Visitors, etc

Have a form that works well for your company?  Great – use it within Contractor Foreman or use one of our templates, modify it, or import your own form or checklist.

  • Custom Forms & Checklist
  • Collect Signaures
  • Template Library

All done and ready to run. Top reports included. Pre-built, pre-formatted. You’re gonna have to run just to catch up. Too many to list here but everything from Time Cards to expenses, Daily Field reports. The list goes on. But wait, there’s more, you can create unlimited custom reports.

  • Export as CSV
  • Import into Other Applications
  • Easy To Use

Did it get an oil change, does it need an oil change, how many miles or hours were put on it last week, how much did we pay in tolls? Is maintenance required? All these questions and more are gone with the wind with our Equipment & Vehicle Logs.

  • Stop losing the IRS Mileage Deductions
  • Track Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Locate a Piece of Equipment in less than a minute, not 10 phone calls

Contracts are a necessity in today’s work place.  Contractor Foreman makes it easy for you to create a contract.  Import your Estimate items to the contract to speed up the process.

Instant Setup - Easy to Use

Gone are the days of an expensive, over-priced clunky system that works against you instead of for you.

No matter if you work from the desk or in the field, we’ve got you covered so that you can stay on the top of everything.

  • iOS & Android Apps (Phone and Tablet)
  • Works with any web browser
  • See Changes – Instantly
  • No Device Limit

We are here when you need us; and even when you do not.  Have a question, need help, want to make a suggestion – we are only a call, click, email, or message away.

  • Free Support
  • Talk with us using LiveChat
  • Prompt resolutions

Other companies make big bucks by charging you for each Project.  Not Contractor Foreman.  1 project or 1000, we are still the best option.

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Sort by Project Type
  • Track Progress
  • Assign Project Contacts

No more concerns about nosy employees looking at data that doesn’t pertain them.  You control what each employee can read, write, or edit.

  • Predefined Roles
  • Create Custom Roles
  • Control Your Employees View

Even our Settings are simple to understand and control.  You control the stuff that applies to the Company and your Users can (with your permission) control what applies to them.

  • Settings Based on Countries
  • Easy to Understand
  • Customizable