Full Access to All Features

Maybe you need everything and maybe not. Contractor Foreman allows your company to grow without the fear of having to upgrade systems down the road. We work with you and are here to serve you.

Dashboard (Home Screen)

A Dashboard so loaded with features you will think you spent a fortune instead of pennies. Easy and concise navigation gets you where you need to go… quickly.

Time Cards

No more timecards left on the dashboard. Period. Pause, Resume, Change projects, or Cost. Got Crews? We’ve got ya covered with Crew check in check out (Coming Soon). Half a box of bananas and you can train a monkey to do it

Daily Log

Who did what when and why? We got you covered. Full Daily Logs keep you safe and up to date. Weather, visitors, safety, productivity, materials used and more are all are covered in your Daily Logs.


Ahhhh, the beauty of a well designed punch list is just moments away for you and your team. Email responsible parties, track outstanding items, add and share marked up photos. This is going to shave hours off your day.

Vehicle Logs

Did it get an oil change, does it need an oil change, how many miles were put on it last week, how much did we pay in tolls? Is maintenance required? All these questions and more are gone with the wind with our Vehicle Logs.

Change Orders

Change Orders and the tracking of them can be the bane of your existence. Problem Solved… Your welcome!


Gotta love (not) those sun faded receipts. No more we say. Fill out the expense form, snap a pic of the receipt and boom, it’s all taken care of. Accounting can even pull up to date reports on expenses to keep track of costs.

Equipment Logs

Ever dreamt of being able to notify somebody when there’s an issue with equipment? You can wake up, its right here, just run the report. Track hours, location, maintenance as well as get reports showing usage by location.


Show me the money! We don’t believe in restrictions. Want to invoice right from your phone? Done. Multiple fields gives you options to invoice the way you want. Speed + Time = Money. It’s just that simple. Let’s not over complicate it shall we?


OK, maybe you won’t estimate a high rise building or 250 miles of 6 lane highway but for the rest of it we got you covered. Individual markups, material lists lots of features to keep your heart beat of the company beating strong.

Post Payments

Put the money in the bank, stop chasing it. Log your payments right when you receive. Watching your bottom line has never been easier.

Files & Photos

It’s hard to argue with success. Logically upload and tag your files for easy recall. Markup, save, send, share capabilities keep your communication flowing like never before.


Go ahead, inspect it. Stay ahead of the game with Inspection statuses, revisions needed. If a Re-inspection is needed create one on the fly. All done in real time so the office has the visibility it needs.


Use one of our templates, modify it, or import your own form or checklist.


Restrict who can create, edit, or see your data. Customize the experience for each user.


All done and ready to run. Top reports included. Pre-built, pre-formatted. You’re gonna have to run just to catch up. Too many to list here but everything from Time Cards to expenses, Daily Field reports. The list goes on. But wait, there’s more, you can create unlimited custom reports.


Packed with features and cool yet useful stuff Appointments won’t let you down for a second. Sort, filter share, archive, create Appointments for others, create internal notes. It’s pretty much all you will ever need for Appointments.


They happen, incidents of all kinds. Now you can track and respond quickly and accordingly. See patterns and make corrections. Keeps you compliant by creating OSHA 300 logs. Don’t let another incident go undocumented leaving you exposed.

Employee Write-Up's

OK, Sometimes you have to. When that time arises we have you covered. From Discipline type to actions taken to employee signature line and photo capability we meet your HR needs.

Safety Meetings

Safety First! And we help you achieve that goal. Refined over years the Safety Meetings feature of Contractor Foreman App contains all the critical components. Load your own topics or use ours (English + Spanish 1600+.) Track attendees and photo capability give you the tools you need to help you stay compliant.


Unfortunately, in today’s world we have to document everything. We give you the ability to do just that, easily. Send notices whether it’s an RFI, Schedule Notice or Compliance Notice right from the App. Boom, its done and documented the right way.

Compliance Notice

Did somebody perform work that was not in compliance? Did they Start work too early in the day and neighbors are complaining? Whatever the reason we have you covered with fast and flexible compliance notices.


Ever have the need to ask the Architect, Engineer, or client an official documented question? Our Requests for Information feature is just the tool. Stay informed with open statuses and share answered RFI’s with other team members.


Don’t get trampled by the elephants while you are watching the Ants go marching by. The human brain can only hold so much, our To Do lists keep you and other team members on top of all those details. Our To Do’s help you keep your head up and your eye on the prize.

Track Projects

Get your new projects loaded faster than ever before, whether it’s a quick add or full details, project info will be shared with those that need to know. Project info is automatically loaded into other relevant screens saving you duplicate data entry. Focus on what’s important.


Take them all down now!! Those sticky notes I mean. Contractor Foreman keeps your notes tight and organized. We have internal notes and external notes on almost every screen. It’s so simple there isn’t much more to say except lets help you get going today.


Want to make room in your wallet for more money? Get rid of those pesky business cards you have stacked up. Sort by vendor and scopes, archive to keep lists shorter. Status’s and project list by vendor are just a few of the features built in to save you time and money.


There’s gold in them thar hills. Customers I mean, signed contracts. Data is just data, information is what helps you grow. Our customer screens are loaded with information to help you turn that info into gold. Instantly see invoices, Projects Status etc without clicking x10.


Add them to groups, track safety meetings, timecards and more all from one screen. Take the headache out of your HR. Add quickly, sort quickly, get information quickly.


Need to track insurance? Done, Licenses? Done. Keep track of scope of work and projects they have been on? Done. Sort by type, sort by name. What else can we say except… done.


Pretty well streamlined. Sort, search add with ease. Keep your records and projects linked. No need to open phone contacts then go back to an app to enter data. Import contacts. Super quick, super easy.

Misc. Contacts

Not everybody fits in a nice tight box. Sometimes you just need a miscellaneous category. Quick and easy to add those contacts that don’t fit in a box. Fast sort capability, archive and more. All there in one screen.